Are silicone kneading pads healthy and safe?

      Kneading mats have changed from wooden panels to stainless steel panels to the silicone kneading mats that more people use now. What is the reason for people to choose silicone kneading mats? I can tell you that the silicone kneading mat is the most cost-effective item out there. Silicone kneading mat can be used when making pasta and cakes. It can prevent slipping and falling when kneading dough, so it can also be called silicone anti-slip mat. The silicone kneading mat is made of food-grade silicone, which can withstand high temperatures above 220 degrees. It is non-toxic, very safe, has a long service life and is beautiful, rich in color, and is not easy to breed bacteria. It can be used repeatedly, easy to clean, and does not occupy The characteristics of the space are loved by many kitchen experts.


So what are the benefits?

  1. Silicone kneading mat is a kind of mat that is widely used in the market. It not only replaces the previous traditional kneading mat, but also the production process and operation method are relatively simple. It has a strong adsorption capacity and the selection of materials for making the silicone kneading pad is also relatively good. It is made of food-grade silica gel and glass fiber material with strong wear resistance, which is very convenient for home use.
  2. When making steamed buns, steamed buns, and bread, the anti-sticking effect is much better than that of wooden chopping boards. In order to improve the practicability of the silicone kneading mat and meet the diverse functional needs of everyone, our company has scales around the kneading mat, and the size of the pizza round is marked in the center. There is no scale on the wooden chopping board, and there is no silicone kneading pad for convenience. There will be a scale pattern on the silicone kneading mat, and the dough can be kneaded according to the scale above, and the silicone kneading mat will not stick to the dough, so it can be used with confidence, and it is relatively simple to store. It can be folded and stored to save space. . It is more important for home and bakery use, and it is more convenient to clean. Not only the kneading mat has a pattern ruler, but even the silicone baking mat has a ruler.


So is the kneading pad made of silicone material harmful to the body?

   Obviously not.

  1. The silicone kneading mat is made of food-grade silicone, which has relatively stable chemical properties. It will not change its appearance when exposed to high or low temperatures, and will not emit toxic substances and harmful gases. People can use it with confidence.
  2. Compared with the traditional panel and kneading pad, the silicone kneading pad is lighter, bacteria and dirt are not easy to remain after cleaning, the area is relatively small, easy to fold and store, can save kitchen space, and has a long service life. A silicone panel It can be used for several years and is not easy to change.
  3. Silicone is non-toxic, reusable, novel in shape, soft in texture, changeable in style, easy to demould, non-stick surface, and easy to clean. Use in oven, microwave or refrigerator etc. It is easy to demould, and there is no uneven coloring of the silicone mold. It is suitable for making small cakes, puddings, jellies, bread, mousse, etc.


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The quality of silicone pads on the market varies. In the process of customizing silicone products, merchants need to know how to judge the quality of products if they want to obtain their ideal products. Many people only judge the quality of the mat by the surface. In fact, it is difficult to judge the quality of the mat just by looking at the surface. We can also judge by touching the surface of the silicone and looking at the color of the surface of the silicone. Generally, the silicone used in a good mat and the production process have been treated, so the surface is smooth and the color is beautiful.

  1. Look at the scale of the factory: This is the most basic manifestation of the enterprise’s guarantee of productivity. Without scale, there will be no production.
  2. Look at the silica gel processing equipment: regular silica gel processing plants have more professional and complete equipment.
  3. Look at the quotation: the quotation is not a final decision, but the result of mutual negotiation.
  4. Look at the quality of the enterprise: It is impossible for any enterprise to fully see the quality only by simple understanding.
  5. Look at the degree of cooperation: whether there is cooperation in the links from production to packaging, shipment, and after-sales.
  6. Look at the quality management process: whether the quality requirements are strictly complied with from raw material warehousing inspection to finished product inspection, finished product inspection, and shipment inspection.

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