Direct to the Dongguan silicone factory ——Production of silicone cleaning brush head


Silicone dishwasher is mainly used for brushing the pot, brush dishes and other kitchen tools, silicone dishwasher does not touch oil, strong cleaning ability is loved by everyone. Silicone dish-washing brush is widely abroad, because it is convenient and easy to keep is a necessary artifact in the kitchen.

Silicone bottle cleaning brush for plastic and glass bottles. Designed to reach narrow openings for deep cleaning, this baby bottle clean wash is easy to clean for easy control, while cleaning the baby’s bottles and cups. Used to cleaning high sized and small bottles to prevent dirt accumulation on its surface, making it easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Compatible with most bottles, bottle cleaning brushes facilitate clean water, beer, wine, glass and champagne bottles.



Food grade silicone, no hurt bottles, no BPA, food grade silicone brush, for cleaning narrow neck bottles

  • Silicone brush is made of food grade silicone material, low temperature, aging resistance, thermal shrinkage and excellent electrical insulation, environmental protection and non-toxic, can directly contact food, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 230℃.
  • Not easy to fall when used, not easy to break, easy to clean, refuse to hide dirt, brush soft, durable, food contact, safety and health, easy to clean.
  • Silicone material is soft and not deformed, the brush head is uniform and fine, kink resistance, cost-effective, can directly contact food.
  • The product is practical and safe, anti-skid and easy to clean, health and health, with good efficiency and good dirty resistance, anti-pollution, anti-oil pollution and other characteristics.

  Silicone cleaning brush head

Dongguan XinHongFa Silicon Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,is one of the first to engage in the research and development of silicone plastic products, all aspects of excellent technology, to obtain a good reputation in the silicon industry. With 19 years of mold technology experience, has its own mold room, with a number of well-known brand customers customization experience.


The factory has the design department, mold department and other perfect after-sales service team, will escort your products. Customers provide a variety of customized services, such as customization, customization, customization by price, OEM and ODM services, the factory customized the mold according to the product demand, can provide the appearance, color, size according to different industrial fields, to customize exclusive products for you.


The designer designed the 3D files of the product, determined the design drawing, the size needs to be accurate, to facilitate the master to complete the mold opening, the following series of silicone production.


Mold development: the mold opening is the mold master according to the designed drawings to make the layout and the mold line and how to produce the mold, and then use the template to open the rough margin in the fine milling processing, more special products will choose discharge, drying and other processes, after the mold out on the plate vulcanizing agent mold test.


Rubber color mixing: according to the needs of users, choose materials generally choose ordinary PPT silicone rubber, fumed silicone, medical silicone and other materials, different materials have different color debugging time to adjust, reach the lowest color difference, add vulcanizing agent color blending to correct the finished product.


On the mold production: the mold is done after the best is on the machine production. After the mold is installed, the machine needs to heat up, adjust the parameters and note conditions of several sets in the engineering proofing stage, and press the mould pressing production of the cut raw materials.

Silicone spatula for baking

Molding molding, this production process is the most common. It is mainly completed by the mold, and the mold shape determines the shape of the silicone products.molding silicone products are usually applied through the high temperature mold into the solid silicone raw material through the vulcanization machine, high temperature sulfur into solid molding, the hardness of molding silicone is usually 30℃ -70 C this production process is relatively simple, suitable for all silicone products.

Product correction: solid silicone products will be produced with a certain margin due to the mold line, so it will naturally produce product maintenance process for quality inspection, mainly to see whether the product meets the requirements, if there is a inconsistency, can be trimmed to correct the bad phenomenon.


Re-inspection packaging: the product maintenance process is completed in the IQC sampling inspection, generally reach 5% above as rework processing, qualified in the customer required packaging or conventional packaging for shipment.

Keep products can achieve the effect of qualified, mainly for specific work and poor quality running, and the product bad phenomenon found change in the work let more staff see, whether any industry any product need to QC testing for quality control, of course in the silicone products industry is no exception, for the importance of QC it can determine the product volume, customer’s praise, and the quality of the manufacturer.


We have a professional QC team, from the raw materials into the factory began to QC, the production process is more layers of inspection procedures, in order to ensure the quality of customers’ silicone products.


XHF attach great importance to product quality, adhering to the integrity, self-confidence, dedication, professional attitude to service. A complete set of silicone production process needs several departments to cooperate to complete, design department, technology department, production department, packaging department and other each process needs to have professional personnel to control the quality level.