Do you like this kind of Silicone Wallet

Nowadays, silicone wallet is very popular with people, it can easily store a variety of things, hold some small things, and is humanized design, with high water resistance, and high and low temperature resistance, very suitable for everyone to go out to use.

The silicone wallet is made of imported silicone materials; Inside in stainless steel material; with high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, non-toxic, green environment; colorful colors, innovative styles, fashionable and trendy.

  Silicone wallet

Features of Silicone wallet

  1. The wallet is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, soft, easy to clean, the elastic texture can be stretched and easy to use; simple structure, easy to store coins, change keys and other items.
  2. Silicone raw material shell can prevent storage items and other objects friction;  Raw materials made of high strength rubber, have very good elasticity; 
  3. “O” shape can be held in the hand, or bag, easy to carry,it’s fashion silicone practical super belly bag! You can easily store all kinds of treasures. Make your life more colorful!
  4. Silicone wallet has humanized design, effectively protect the coins and keys will not collide with other items scraping, more convenient to take;
  5. Heat resistance temperature: 200℃ / cold resistance temperature: -50℃ Do not put on the edge of the fire.

Custom all kinds of  Silicone bag

How does the silicone spare wallet take shape?

Silicone wallet is mainly composed of silicone material + nylon zipper. Adopt silicone multi-color integral molding process to customize silicone integral wallet for customers.

Silicone package is mainly composed of silicone rubber, hardware, and zipper, sewing and other technology combination, innovation technology is the main core technology. Silicone package technology can realize dozens of hundreds of technology, hardware package, silicone zipper bag, magnetic bag, structure, modelling, surface treatment process and color pattern can be fully customization.

Customized shape & color

This kind of silicone bag can also be used as a silicone creative key bag for the storage of micro items and a portable door key silicone bag for travel. The product color is bright, the use of hardware package glue process, desirable to a certain fixed effect and closing effect, cleaning and maintenance is simple and convenient.


The style of silicone bag is diverse, the use range is relatively wide, can be used as silicone pen bag, silicone coin purse, silicone key bag, its material is soft and comfortable, convenient to carry.

Silicone pen bag stationery is also a selection of high-quality environmental friendly silicone raw materials, using the molding process, safe and tasteless, elasticity, good toughness, high tear strength, good flatness, high temperature resistance, waterproof and durable aging resistance, moderate soft and hard elastic, safe and no odor, not easy to dye dirty washable.


Silicone pen bag is often creative in image design, usually using a variety of cartoon characters, cartoon animals or fruits and vegetables for simulation modeling or printing pattern (such as watermelon, corn, eggplant, banana, etc.), so it has a delicate and beautiful overall visual effect; and has a very good temperature resistance and deformation independent recovery ability, not afraid of kneading beat, external extrusion can quickly restore the original state, very popular with the majority of primary school students.

Silicone pencil bag: Convenient cleaning, can be easy to clean clean dirt, strong flexibility, can be twisted at will, tear and pull not deformation, can instantly restore the original appearance;

Soft, safe and non-toxic, waterproof and easy to clean, simple storage stationery.

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According to the requirements of customers, we carefully treat every process of production,the unique formulations with the hardness color, and performance characteristics relevant to the end use of the product,to provide customers with high-quality silicone rubber products customized production solutions.

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Drawing design, proofing, mold opening, grinding, oil spraying, coloring… After careful communication and checking with customers,the factory grasps the quality of each link of the work in the stage of the product, the structure, characteristics, technical specifications of the product, etc.  XHF implements each production process layer by layer inspection, to ensure the best quality of product manufacturing.