How to choose a silicone dinner plate

In our daily life, we inevitably deal with kitchen tableware and kitchen utensils every day. Facing the ceramic dishes and metal spatulas and spoons that we have been using all the time, it is inevitable that there will be some tasteless. Therefore, according to the freshness of consumers, plastic, TPE, wood and other materials are gradually introduced. In the kitchen, silicone tableware is slowly added, bringing more sense of ritual and good mood to our daily life. the

Because silica gel is more environmentally friendly than plastic materials, silica gel products have developed rapidly, and silica gel gifts and products have generally entered our daily life, especially in kitchen utensils and daily necessities. This is because the silica gel material is safe, non-toxic, durable High and low temperature and stable performance, coupled with soft and delicate silicone products, rich colors, so now mother and baby products are also widely made of silicone materials, now more popular silicone mother and baby products are: silicone teether, silicone spoon, silicone pacifier, Silicone baby bottles, silicone dinner plates, silicone bibs, etc.

Among them, silicone dinner plates are relatively common silicone products. So how to choose a silicone dinner plate? The silicone dinner plate is soft and resistant to falling, which is a good choice to help babies eat independently. Now there are many silicone dinner plates on the market that can be directly adsorbed on the tabletop, which are not easy to be moved and picked up by babies, and the silicone material is not easy to absorb grease, so it is easier to clean.

Silicone plate assortment

There are many types of silicone dinner plates on the market. The common ones are compartmentalized silicone dinner plates, placemat and plate integrated silicone dinner plates, and silicone suction cup dinner plates.

(1) Compartmented silicone dinner plate, that is, the dinner plate is divided into multiple small grids, which can be used to store supplementary food separately, which is convenient for the baby to eat, and can also reasonably distribute the baby’s diet ratio. However, the bottom of some dinner plates does not have the adsorption function, and it is easier for babies to overturn them. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing this type of dinner plate, try to choose a dinner plate with a suction cup at the bottom or a design with other adsorption functions.

(2) Placemat and plate The integrated silicone plate can prevent food from spilling on the table, and there is a placemat under the plate, so that the food will not be dirty if the baby accidentally spills it out; the other is that it is convenient for cleaning and cleaning. However, some placemats are not absorbent, and the baby may overturn them; some larger placemats may not match the size of the tabletop of the baby’s dining table, and may not fit in. Therefore, it is best for you to measure the size of the tabletop of your baby dining chair in advance, and then choose the product that suits you.

(3) Silicone suction cup dinner plate, that is, the bottom of the dinner plate has a suction cup design, sticking it to a smooth table can prevent the dinner plate from moving or being overturned by the baby. However, some have too much suction and may be difficult to take off from the table. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing this type of dinner plate, you can choose a dinner plate with a suction cup design at the bottom for easy access.

Many merchants will also choose to make a plate with a unique style and design, so as to attract more customers to buy. And XHF can meet the needs of all DIY design products. The following is a baby dinner plate that continues to explode. Appears in many families.

Some companies cooperated with XHF to design and produce this off-white & orange two-color baby food tray, which has received high sales and high evaluation. The raw material is made of safer WACKER liquid silicone material. Layer security testing, to bring you the best products.

  Silicone baby suction plate

Features of children’s silicone dinner plate:

  1. Environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, it can be in normal contact with food and meals, and can enter the mouth. It is customized and processed with food-grade silicone raw materials. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe and secure.
  2. Super adsorption, prevent overturning, the silicone dinner plate can firmly absorb the smooth desktop or countertop;
  3. There is no dead angle for cleaning, one-piece molding, and the one-piece molding process of silicone molding and vulcanization makes cleaning without leaving marks;
  4. One-piece dinner plate with bright colors and cute shapes;
  5. Safe to use in oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and refrigerator;
  6. It can withstand a high temperature of 240 ° C, will not produce harmful substances, and will not melt, deform or deteriorate;
  7. Silica gel has the characteristics of easy drying, not easy to breed bacteria, and it is safe and hygienic to use;
  8. Long-term use will not cause corrosion, aging, fading, or yellowing.
  9. Convenient storage, essential supplies for outdoor travel and dining, foldable storage, easy to carry and store, occupying a small area.

XHF provides you with safer products, more skilled production technology and richer DIY production experience.



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