Is the kitchen silicone oil brush harmful to the human body?


Whether it is baking or grilling, many people always worry about the problem of hair loss, sticking to the food, and dirt after cleaning when they see the old-fashioned brushes, but the silicone oil brush used, these troubles It can solve it to avoid the trouble of old-fashioned brushes, refuse the trouble of hair loss, the brush head is soft, and the brush material is even. The silicone brush is made of food-grade silicone material, not afraid of high temperature, not easy to drop, not easy to break, easy to clean, refuse to hide dirt, soft brush, durable, food contact, safe and healthy. For these advantages, XHF will give you detailed answers.


Advantages of silicone brushes:

  1. The silicone brush is made of food-grade silicone material, which is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, soft and not deformed, can directly contact food, and is easy to clean. High temperature resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, can directly contact food, can withstand high heat temperature, high temperature resistance can reach 240 ℃, can be used directly in the cooking process.
  2. The silicone is soft and not deformed, the brush head is uniform and fine, easy to dip, the oil is even, kink-resistant, food silicone material, cost-effective.

3.Comfortable non-slip handle, food-grade material, strong corrosion resistance and temperature adaptability, can be directly in contact with food, extended handle, arc handle, non-slip and stable, effective heat insulation and anti-scald. Ergonomic design, soft lines and comfortable upgrade of non-slip grip.

  1. High-toughness silicone brush head, no smell and no discoloration, soft brush head, high elasticity and no breakage, soft and elastic, integrated design, easy to clean the brush head, no residue, one rinse and one rinse, no dirt.
  2. Multi-purpose practicability, let you bake with more confidence, brush with baking sauce, brush with oil, and brush with egg wash. Not only can you brush oil, but it can also be used for barbecue, pastry baking, and home cooking.
  3. The design of the hanging hole at the tail is convenient for hanging and taking out, draining cleanly, saving kitchen space and convenient for storage.

The points mentioned have listed many advantages for us to choose silicone oil brushes.


Let’s take a look at the suitable temperature for oil brushes of three common materials:

Silicone: The suitable temperature range of normal food grade silica gel is: -40℃~240℃

Bristle: Like human hair, the main component is keratin, and the ignition point is said to be 84°C on the Internet.

Nylon: There are many kinds of nylon with different melting points. It is best to use it below 150°C, and nylon has health risks.

The chemical stability of silica gel is very strong, if it is used for oiling, it is best to use silica gel material.


Silicone products are more and more widely used in our daily life, replacing many plastic products on a large scale. Silicone products are non-toxic, tasteless, soft and durable, so that consumers can feel more at ease during use . Different silicone products have their own different characteristics. Now XHF silicone products manufacturer will share with you several popular silicone daily necessities that are easy to use in daily life.



Silicone transparent powder puff

Speaking of silicone transparent powder puff, it is a relatively new silicone cosmetic appliance on the market in recent years. As a beauty tool, it has a crystal clear appearance. The silicone powder puff made of silicone has a smooth surface and no pores, so it will not absorb foundation. After use, you only need to wipe it with a wet paper towel, and then rinse it with clean water, and it can be washed as you use it.

Some friends may worry about uneven makeup or floating powder on the silicone powder puff, but this will not happen if you use the right method. Because the special silicone material does not absorb powder, compared with ordinary sponge puffs, the amount of liquid foundation or BB cream should be reduced, otherwise there will be thick, uneven or floating powder. When using it, also pay attention to a small amount of light patting and powdering techniques.


Silicone dish brush

The silicone dishwashing brush is made of food-grade silicone material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and has good flexibility and is not easy to deform. The double-sided is covered with dense cleaning brushes, so that stains have nowhere to hide. The reusable scouring pad is good for washing dishes , Wash fruits and vegetables, and serve as heat-insulating gloves.

Dishwashing cloths can sometimes be very greasy, and the dishcloths can be sticky after washing and take a long time to dry, which is easy for bacteria to grow.

The new silicone dishwashing brush not only has good cleaning and decontamination capabilities, but also does not absorb water. Using a silicone dishwashing brush will not worry about dirt hiding.

In addition, when using a silicone dishwashing brush, the bristles are soft and elastic, and will not scratch the dishes, so it is convenient and worry-free to use and does not hurt your hands.


For more practical and popular silicone product recommendations, please pay attention to XHF.



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