Is the silicone tableware used for your babies really safe?

Baby complementary food plate “Is the silicone tableware used for your babies really safe?”One thing is that silicone is really a good material for your baby. Silicone gel products, which have now been widely used in various fields, are also essential in daily life. Silicone gel products can slowly replace glass, plastic and other applications in various fields, mainly because it has no toxicity, no taste and other characteristics.


How to help your baby choose the suitable tableware?

Baby eating with silicone tableware, is food grade silicone products. For example, bowls, spoons, pacifiers in your mouth, many of which are made of food-grade silicone. Its texture is light, soft, but also resistant to fall, high temperature resistance, anti-skid, good heat insulation, no toxicity, no taste, not containing BPA and so on these characteristics, is in line with the safety requirements.


Baby is easy to knock over the cutlery, and silicone tableware do not worry about the baby crack. Even if the silicone tableware is burned, there will be no toxic gas, will produce silica, water vapor, etc. Unlike those plastics, there can be pungent, toxic gases at high temperatures.

After buying it back, don’t rush to use it. You can first boil the water at a high temperature, and treat it once before using it.


When choosing cutlery for your baby, as long as you pay attention to the following points, you can choose qualified silicone cutlery for your baby.

1. The selected material is food grade silicone, food grade silicone is more high temperature resistant, can be used in the temperature range of-40℃ to 240℃.

2.Choose the tableware marked “without bisphenol A (BPA)”, such as: 0% BPA and BPA free.

3.The tableware must be tasteless.

4. Choose transparent or light-colored tableware, especially the inner wall of the bowl must choose colorless and no picture.

5. The surface of the tableware should be smooth, without impurities or bubbles.


Silicone tableware advantages good heat resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, good heat preservation effect, soft material, tableware folding and flipping, safe for the baby; good fall resistance; use without noise; disadvantages easy to absorb strong smell not easy to disperse, easy adsorption error, not dirty, not cleaning. Silicone tableware is suitable for western dishes and warm baby meals, high temperature fire oil food is best not put in! The advantage of silicone separation plate: the food classification, fruit, staple food, not taste. The sucker of the plate is very difficult, tightly absorbed on the table is not easy to upset, used to train the baby to eat independently and exercise the baby’s hand fine movement is very good! Silicone soft spoon For the complementary food spoon, at the beginning of the added complementary food baby, it is recommended to choose silicone soft spoon, its silicone material is colorless and tasteless, the texture is delicate and smooth, the depth size of the spoon is designed according to the size of the baby’s mouth. Even if the baby bites, it doesn’t matter, it will not stimulate the baby’s gums and mouth, so that the baby can be very comfortable to eat. Cleaning, boiling and disinfection are also very convenient. There are also a lot of complementary food bowls are matched with complementary food spoon, mothers can choose suits or buy according to their needs.

In addition to plastic silicone material, there are several other kinds of tableware. The following is a simple list of a few tableware, I believe that after the comparison, mom and dad can also be more assured to use silicone tableware for the baby.


Is there a super useful baby food tableware?

We can talk about the material, type, purchase suggestions on how to choose a suitable for “super good” baby side food tableware.


Ceramic tableware

Most of our adult tableware is mainly ceramics, ceramics, although this material is also relatively safe, however, because of the ceramic fragile, fast heat conduction characteristics, it is obviously not suitable for the baby to use. If you must use ceramic tableware for the baby, it can only be in the early stage of adding complementary food to the baby, and the baby is in the stage of feeding.

Ceramic tableware advantages: easy to clean, corrosion resistance, not fading, stable chemical properties, high quality ceramic tableware will not release toxic elements, exquisite appearance; disadvantages fragile, easy to scratch baby skin, inferior color glaze ceramics contains lead, mercury and other toxic elements.

When buying should pay attention to: ceramic tableware and food contact part of the best colorless pattern and smooth, pay attention to care for the baby, so as not to break the ceramic cut the baby.



Stainless steel tableware

Stainless steel tableware after the fall, however, and ceramic tableware has the same heat conduction too fast, easy to hot characteristics, and, stainless steel spoon will be relatively sharp, easy to hurt the baby’s mouth. In addition, there are some “fake” stainless steel tableware on the market, most by other metal “fake”, is likely to heavy metal content is not qualified, to use the baby may not be conducive to the health of the baby.

Stainless steel tableware advantages corrosion resistance, food is not easy to residue, easy cleaning, not easy to breed bacteria, fall, not broken; disadvantage weight, baby with difficult, can not hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar and other spices for a long time, otherwise chemical reaction with stainless steel. Stainless steel tableware has 13-0,18-0,18-8 and other models, behind the number represents nickel, the higher the nickel content, the better the quality, baby tableware to choose 18-8 stainless steel, namely 304 stainless steel.


Wooden tableware

cutlery Although wooden tableware also classics fall, quality of a material is natural, however, a lot of wood tableware on the market is through anticorrosion processing and brush paint, have certain safety hidden trouble.

Bamboo wood tableware advantages of natural material, no chemical toxic effect, light quality, fall resistance, relatively good heat preservation, fine texture; disadvantages are more likely to be caused by microbial contamination, not easy to clean, easy to have food residue breeding bacteria. When buying woodiness or bamboo tableware, had better not buy surface shine or have paint, majority paint contains lead, adverse baby body health.



Plastic tableware is lightweight and resistant, smooth feel, light quality, easy to take; oil resistance, easy cleaning, and cracks will be retained after aging. After long time, deformation is brittle, yellow, and appearance level, and some can not be disinfected at high temperature. When buying, you should pay attention to screening, choose non-toxic and harmless polyethylene polypropylene material, polycarbonate plastic is easy to release bisphenol A, harmful to human body, can not choose.


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