Portable silicone collapsible bowls made in Dongguan factory

In our daily life, the most used in silicone kitchenware are: silicone cups, silicone forks, silicone shovels, silicone tableware, silicone bowl, silicone insulation pad, silicone insulation gloves and silicone pacifier and so on. Silicone folding products using environmental protection, non-toxic, safe food grade silicone, silicone products environmental safety for folding cup it is the biggest advantage is folding is portable, you can imagine with a glass cup in the backpack and take a shell folding water cup in the backpack which one is more convenient, so its first advantage is convenient to receive, easy to carry, the size of the silicone water bottle can carry.


Dongguan XinHongfa Silicone company www.xhfsilicon.com  is very experienced in manufacturing silicone folding products, Our advantages:

1.Entered the silicone industry early and have been engaged in the silicone industry for about 20 years with rich experience.

2.Professional engaged in the silicone industry, with professional technical personnel.

3.The products have been favored and recognized by customers at home and abroad with excellent quality


   On the basis of “focusing on quality, integrity first”, the company further strengthens the concept of “people-oriented and seek common development”; adhering to the unique spirit of efficiency, dedication and innovation, with the most superior service concept, the miracle of the silicone industry, the company has also accelerated the development of foreign markets, has passed the European Union and the United States food safety certification, laid a solid foundation for the company’s products to the international market.

  1. Product name: portable folding silicone large round meal box

Small Size:155*65mm

Large Size:177mm * 70mm

Product weight: 191g & 218g

Product color: mainly green, purple and alternate with it. The corresponding color can be provided according to the customer’s needs.

Product packaging: in bulk. Customer packaging requirements are also acceptable.

Use: home furnishing, travel, school, work are available, instead of the porcelain bowl

Advantages: non-toxic, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, will not break

2.Foldable, portable silicone lunch box, silicone square lunch box

Size: 155mm*65mm

The folding size is 155mm * 30mm

Product weight: 221g

Product color: yellow main, orange and red alternate with. The corresponding color can be provided according to the customer’s needs.

Product packaging method: in bulk. Customer packaging requirements are also acceptable.

use: home furnishing, travel, school, work are available.

3.Silicone rectangular lunch box, rectangular silicone folding lunch box, portable silicone bowl

Size: 185*148*65mm

Product weight: 278g

Product color: purple main, blue alternate with. The corresponding color can be provided according to the customer’s needs.

Product advantages:

  1. Food-grade silicone products have a good compatibility with the human body. Environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless, and resistant to high temperature.
  2. Silicone material has passed the US food grade (FDA) food safety testing standards, and there is no problem with direct contact with food.
  3. Unique product design, various styles and various colors;
  4. Unique self-adhesive smooth surface, good anti-skid stability, bright color, very decorative;
  5. Health and environmental protection, no odor, earthquake, mildew, sun protection;
  6. Elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, can be placed at will, can be a regular contact with the limbs;
  7. Easy replacement, easy to clean;
  8. Environmental protection, non-toxic, wear resistance and skid resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, durable.
  9. As a new type of kitchen appliance, silicone tableware has the advantages of soft, non-damage and non-stick pan coating. Compared with plastic tableware, which is not heat-resistant.silicone tableware can withstand a high temperature of 200℃ and maintain its original shape, and reduce dryness compared with no friction noise.
  10. Silicone tableware has been welcomed by consumers in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan.


The material of the lunch box, the main box body is generally PP. The sealing ring of the lunch box is usually silicone or TPE. If you want to put the lunch box in the microwave oven, what are the requirements for the material?

General PP can withstand 105 degrees, environmental protection and non-toxic;

Silicone rubber can withstand 200~250 degrees, environmental protection and non-toxic;

For the sealing ring of the lunch box, if the TPE material, environmental protection is basically fine. The TPES class of materials are generally selected. This kind of TPE, the temperature resistance is generally in 70~80 degrees.

The temperature of the microwave oven is generally in the 100~120 degrees. Microwave oven heating time is only a few minutes, within a few minutes, PP, silicone is no problem.

What happens to the TPE in the microwave oven? 

The TPE starts to soften at 70 to 80 degrees, but the melting temperature of the TPE is about 160 to 200 degrees. TPE sealing ring in the microwave oven, although not melt, but will soften deformation, resulting in the sealing of the lunch box affected.

Therefore, it is not recommended to put the lunch box with the TPE material sealing ring in the microwave oven.

Usually, silicone can be put in the microwave, which doesn’t damage the silicone and isn’t toxic.

But the temperature of microwave oven can not exceed 200 degrees, exceed 200 degrees, there may be trace harmful substances volatile. Remember that ordinary plastic containers, metal vessels, and closed containers are not allowed in the microwave.