Silicone folding pots become an essential item for outdoor activities

With the development of silicone daily necessities, foldable silicone products have been used in pots, bowls, and kettles and cups. Some can be heated electronically, and some can be folded manually, but their foldable technology has become the entire selling point of the product. Foldable silicone products have become more convenient products for travel and outdoors, especially foldable bowls and foldable pots are popular with everyone. After use, they can be washed with water and put into bags, which is convenient and quick, and takes up little space. Especially when going out, it is the most suitable, but for this foldable silicone product, its design inspiration is there, do you want to know? Let us tell you!

The silicone folding pot is a foldable pot that is easy to carry, hygienic to use, and has a double-layer cup wall. The two adjacent sections of the outer wall are connected by threads, and the two adjacent sections of the inner wall are fitted in a tapered shape and can move up and down. Through the thread rotation of the outer wall, the inner wall is expanded up and down to realize cup-shaped folding and stretching kinetic energy.

 The silicone folding pot is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe food-grade silicone. The most commonly used silicone kitchen utensils in our daily life are: silicone cups, silicone forks, silicone spatulas, silicone tableware, silicone bowls, and silicone heat insulation pads. , silicone heat-insulating gloves and silicone pacifiers, etc., food-grade silicone is an inorganic polymer colloidal material made of silicic acid condensation, the main component is mSio2nH2O. In addition to alkali and hydrofluoric acid, in two special cases, it does not react with any acid and alkali, and has good chemical stability. Commonly used in silicone baby pacifiers, feeding bottles and other products with high safety requirements. Heat resistance can reach 230 degrees.

Before, many people asked whether silicone products would undergo a chemical reaction and emit some chemical raw materials when exposed to high temperature? The answer is: It can be put into boiling water at 100 degrees without scalding, compound disintegration, high and low temperature resistance between -40 and 230 degrees, and there will be no problems. Because room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and meteorological silica have A certain degree of toughness and strength, even if it is baked at a high temperature, it will not cause deformation or toughness failure. Unlike plastics, silica gel does not contain BPA (bisphenol A), and is a food-grade environmental protection product. Cooking is even more of a trivial matter. Because the food-grade silicone material has a variety of unique properties, in addition to high temperature resistance, it can also be fully adapted to low temperature environments and climates. In terms of stability, the main component of silicone material is Silica, silicone resin and white carbon black, except for the catalyst (vulcanizing agent) added by the silicone product manufacturer, will not conflict with any substance, and the smell of the catalyst can be removed by secondary fluidization and high-temperature baking.

The difficulty of making a silicone folding pot is to fold the interval points. Except for arcs, other shapes are difficult to achieve the folding effect. The drawing mainly depends on the wall thickness of the folding position. Generally, the wall thickness of the folding part needs to be as small as The thickness can be bent back and forth to achieve a gradual gradient size. Usually, the wall thickness of the folding position is between 0.5-1mm. The folding position can be determined according to the size of the silicone pot. Finally, the folded part can be used to achieve the anti-folding effect.


Making the mold also requires certain skills. When the mold is opened, the upper and lower molds must be at the minimum position at the mold closing interface. The slope of the product is judged according to the size of the mold taper, and the minimum is achieved to achieve the folding effect. The more common The problem is that the inside of the silicone folding cup is easily affected by the wall thickness of the folded part, so its internal folding point must be made into a structure that is inclined from top to bottom or bottom to top, so that there will be no extrusion and expansion when folding The problem.

For the folding silicone pot, the hardness of the product and the quality of the variable material are also affected to a certain extent during the silicone processing process. If a material with a lower hardness is used, it is estimated that the folding force will not be enough in the follow-up, resulting in automatic rebound, while the use of high hardness may cause folding. The greater the force, the harder it is to fold. Secondly, the material of the product is affected. High-strength silicone rubber material is an essential raw material. Otherwise, long-term pressure and pressing may lead to product deformation and poor folding effect.

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