Silicone Manufacturing in Military Design



Silicone manufacturing is used in a wide range of industries. Due to its ease of handling and customization, thermal stability, and resistance to aging, silicone is often used in conjunction with other materials to insulate, purify, soften, adhere, condition, or protect products. Silicone manufacturing is used effectively in construction and household products, computer and electronic products, automobiles, textiles, healthcare products, and even military products.

Customized silicone mold

Customized mold for military silicone walkie-talkie from XHF


Why is Silicone Manufacturing Used in Military Supplies?

Given its outstanding performance in various areas, silicone manufacturing is the one that often springs to mind for engineers when it comes to designing military products. The wide range of excellent properties of silicone allows it to handle a number of matching needs on military defense equipment. Not only are they more durable, but they also better meet the requirements of many military products and operating specifications.


  • Superior thermal conductivity

In the future, next-generation military technologies such as high-powered radar jamming systems and hypersonics will require extensive data processing, and the processors in these systems contain many heat-generating components. The engineer must find reliable ways to transfer and dissipate the heat from these components to ensure that the entire system continues to operate efficiently. Thermal management of these systems is multi-faceted and encompasses hardware such as heat sinks and liquid cooling units, but also thermally conductive silicone sheets, thermally conductive gels, thermally conductive phase change materials, thermally conductive silicone grease, thermally conductive insulating materials, thermally conductive bonding adhesives, thermally conductive potting adhesives, etc. to transfer heat from the heat generating components to the cooling parts.


  • A wider operating temperature range

Military products are often designed to be flexible to withstand certain elements and conditions. Processors used in the military industry to control advanced technology operate in relatively harsh environments and are highly likely to experience severe temperature rises and drops. Such temperature cycling can cause damage to the material, requiring it to be able to withstand these temperature fluctuations for extended periods of time. As silicone rubber retains its properties in the cold and heat, custom silicone manufacturing products can be designed to meet the rigorous requirements of these conditions as well as the specifications and standards of the design drawings. For example, computer products may be subject to water, moisture, chemicals, rough movement, and very high or low altitudes. Silicone rubber applications can meet these and other conditions with additional coating treatments where other materials cannot.


  • Durability

Depending on the required military specification, silicone rubber products are more durable for military applications than most of their counterparts. The engineers at XHF, a silicone product manufacturing company, can assist with the capabilities and processes required to produce customized silicone products as required, such as the necessary custom shapes, colors, and sealing techniques. In addition, thermal interface materials in military applications may rest near corrosive liquids or vapors that can erode the silicone substrate of these materials. Therefore, a way needs to be devised to protect the interface material and its edges from harmful substances.


Get Silicone Manufacturing Support from XHF.

The military relies on mission-critical equipment that must operate perfectly in harsh environments. High-quality components improve the performance and reliability of the final product and give the military peace of mind.

XHF, a silicone products manufacturer, has the capability and expertise to deliver high-quality custom rubber parts on time to meet your requirements. Our qualified engineering and manufacturing teams are familiar with military specifications. The products we produce for military applications are specifically manufactured to meet these requirements and to perform under severe conditions in your application.


Case to state strength!

customized silicone product

Customized military silicone walkie-talkie from XHF


The walkie-talkie, a custom-made product from the Beijing military, is made of high-temperature adhesive and is perfectly and seamlessly integrated with aluminum indium. It has excellent waterproof and high-temperature resistance. Normally, molds are more complex than this product, which is full of mold cores and must be manufactured to every detail. Our professional team has been working on the product for more than half a year, from receiving the drawings, perfecting the structure of every part of the product, and manufacturing every detail precisely to successfully producing a finished product to the satisfaction of our customers.

As a high-end OEM silicone processing company, XHF focuses on serving high-end silicone rubber products with custom processing, exquisite technology, and complete qualification. In addition, we can provide solutions and products to satisfy our customers with large, special, and high-standard customization requirements.

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