The importance of silicone products in environmental protection

Recently, we have been discussing garbage classification. With the rapid development of industry, the environment we live in is getting worse and worse. Protecting the environment has become something that each of us must do. We use a variety of plastic products in our daily lives. Plastic products take 400 years to degrade. Plastic waste has become the main driver of environmental degradation. If we want to change this phenomenon, we start with using silicone products instead of plastic products. Silicone products have gradually become a necessity in our lives.


With the spread of the concept of environmental protection, many people begin to use environmentally friendly materials in packaging design. For example, the design of silicone environmental protection handbags is an obvious one. Compared with the usual plastic bags, it will have more advantages. Then, silicone environmental protection handbags What are the advantages of bags? XHF will analyze them in detail for you.

First, the design of silicone environmental protection handbags is economical. Nowadays, plastic bags are rarely seen in large shopping malls or farmers’ markets. This also means that the packaging bag era will disappear, and then it will be replaced by silicone environmental protection. Handbags, this kind of handbags are much more cost-effective than plastic bags in terms of processing technology and raw material selection, and the most important point is that they can be used continuously, and the overall loss is much lower than that of plastic bags.

Second, the design of the silicone environmental protection tote bag is solid. Like ordinary plastic bags, the materials used are very inferior due to the low cost, and are easy to be damaged. The silicone environmental protection tote bag is the other way around, because of the uniqueness of the selected materials. Its ductility is particularly good, and it will not be easily damaged. The service life of a silicone environmental protection tote bag alone can be equal to hundreds of plastic bags.

Third, the design of silicone environmental protection tote bags has a promotional effect. Due to the limited material of the plastic bag itself, it is difficult to print on the surface, so it cannot achieve the effect of publicity. Due to the large format and the characteristics of the material, the environmental protection tote bag can carry out exquisite shape design. If the company’s products or logos are printed on the bag surface, it can be quickly recognized by customers, thus forming a strong advertising effect. This is plastic Bags are always out of reach.

Another advantage of the silicone environmental protection bag is that it is suitable for a wide range of occasions. For example, in the meat and vegetable market, silicone environmental protection bags can be used directly, and the bags can be cleaned after use, and the silicone material is easy to clean. If the reusable bags are reused, we need to consider hygiene issues. Bacteria are everywhere. Long-term use of reusable bags is more likely to hide dirt and dirt. It needs to be cleaned in time to remove bacteria, which is more beneficial to health.

Generally speaking, compared with plastic bags, silicone environmental protection tote bags are designed to be thicker and less prone to damage. Plastic bags are consumables, especially the thin white plastic bags used in shopping malls. Most of them are disposable, which leads to the consumption of resources. Environmentally friendly tote bags are easy to dissolve, can be reused many times, and have a high utilization rate, which can completely replace the application of packaging bags. In addition, handbags of different materials also take into account different performance indicators, including air permeability, moisture resistance, heat insulation and so on.

Not only silicone tote bags, but also silicone storage bags that are convenient for food storage are also widely recognized by everyone. Here are a few advantages, whether it is a silicone tote bag or a silicone storage bag, it is equally applicable.

(1) Non-toxic, tasteless and tasteless, safe, environmentally friendly and hygienic, in line with FDA standards for food law testing, and can also pass European environmental food law LFGB standards, ISO international quality management system certification;

(2) Made of high tear-resistant silicone material, soft texture, excellent hand feeling, can be washed repeatedly, and the appearance will always be as bright as new

(3) Cold and high temperature resistance: -40°C~ 230°C;

(4) Good skid resistance, close-fitting tailoring, exquisite workmanship, and convenient operation

(5) Strong adhesion, even on an increased inclined angle, it will not slide

(6) Vegetables, fish, meat, melons, fruit juices are all suitable


In the process of using silicone products, we also need to pay attention to the use of some silicone products in order to prolong the service life of silicone products. You can also choose different materials according to your needs, but silicone products are absolutely superior to plastics. Plastics produce toxic substances at high temperatures. And it will cause environmental pollution. Whether it is from the perspective of the environment or human health, it is really safe to choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. We should encourage more people to use environmentally friendly materials.

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