What are the preferred silicone outdoor products for light travel?

Many items in life choose to use silicone material instead, such as life kitchenware, daily necessities and water cup supplies.Outdoor cooking utensils and kitchen cooking utensils are not the same, outdoor cooking utensils mainly consider light weight, easy to carry. Outdoor cooking utensils also have different materials, to meet different needs, the weight is different, the price is also different.

The choice of outdoor cooking utensils should best conform to the following characteristics:

  1. under the same storage volume, the more functions, the better. Because camping outside, supplies carry more troublesome, perfect storage space and multi-function is the first choice.
  2. For the same volume, choose as light in weight as possible. You can choose silicone outdoor appliances, but also for convenient convenience. If the budget is abundant, you can choose titanium alloy material tableware, cost-effective can choose aluminum cooker.
  3. Cooking ability, mainly can refer to the fast burning, good insulation, uniform heating of the three parts.
  4. Ease of use, generally refers to the pot, can be competent for all kinds of cooking requirements
  5. Durability, generally is easy to damage with the coating, aluminum material than titanium material and stainless steel material durability is poor.


4 litre glass lid Lightweight folding camping cookware pot made of silicone for electric hobs, gas

Silicone outdoor folding pot body made of high quality food grade safety silicone, does not contain BPA, safe to use, easy to carry. The handle and bottom of the pot are made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy respectively, which can improve the hardness and stability of the bottom. Pay attention that the flame should not cross the bottom of the pot to prevent damage to the silicone pot body. Silicone design of the pot body, another important feature is its high quality compression folding performance, durable aging resistance. This outdoor folding pot is composed of high quality food grade silicone material + glass coated silicone and other parts.

About this item

Pot capacity – 4 litres: diameter at the top diameter 26.5 cm – base: diameter 18 cm – height: 4 cm folded – 13 cm open – dimensions folded: 35 x 26.5 x 4 cm – weight: 1050g

Material: silicone+aluminum+ glass cover. Colour: blue/deep blue/red/purple.

Foldable: these pots are foldable and can be stored after use to save space. Ideal for on the go, camping or even at home.

Suitable hob types: gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen. Not suitable for induction.

Lid and handles: the glass lids with non-slip edge look pretty and keep the heat in the pot. The cool touch handles do not get hot and the pot can be transported comfortably.


Cleaning of the silicone kitchenware

The cleaning of silicone kitchenware is the same as the general container cleaning method, using a little detergent gently washing (too violent will hurt the silicone surface), and then rinse with warm water; if contaminated with heavy smell, such as coffee, can be slightly boiled in boiling water to help deodorize. After soaking and washing, it can be baked at high temperature for 5-10 minutes (temperature 200 degrees) and placed in a ventilated place to dry. If the frequency is very high, don’t forget to clean, disinfect and remove by boiling hot water regularly.


Eco-Friendly silicone folding bottles

The biggest benefit of silicone folding cups is that they save space and are suitable for outdoor travel. When used, simply spreading the cup is very convenient; the cup can be pressed and folded for storage. The main characteristics of the silicone cup are environmental protection and safety, and has a good fall resistance effect, followed by the product perception is very good, comfortable feel, strong rebound.

Silicone cup is one of the essential kettle of many outdoor travel tourism, because of its softness can be arbitrary into other shapes so folding receive is the best choice, long-term twists and turns is not easy to deformation, and silicone material can long high and low temperature, use it to hot water without any influence, convenient cleaning, convenient to carry.

Foldable Food Grade Silicone Bowl

Silicone folding lunch box is made of food grade silicone material, non-toxic non-odor, high and low temperature resistance-40℃ ~230℃, folding collection, no space, easy to carry, can be customized to the map. Silicone gel folding lunch box custom features:.

  1. Space-saving design: extended size:The foldable design makes it easy to carry outdoors and saves space for indoor use.
  2. Sealing ring upgrade, sealing stronger, fresh imitation bacteria leakage, cleaningeasily

Multifunctional foldable Chopping Board with Colander Containers/ Basket for Home Kitchen Camping Picnic

About this item

High-quality material: is made of high-quality plastic and food-safe silicone, durable, dirt-repellent, odourless, crack-free and not easily deformable. High-performance construction is easy to wipe clean and never rusts like the metal plate and does not like wooden plate, mouldy. No harm to human health, safe for your food and family

Multifunctional: this vegetable dishwasher basket has 3 adjustable heights from which you can choose to meet all your requirements: dishwasher for home / outdoor use, e.g. food basket or chopping board for vegetables, fruit and meat

Can be used anywhere: this useful kitchen appliance offers plenty of comfort for kitchen utensils. The portable size is also suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, beach, caravan, picnic and barbecue. Storage basket or utensils are perfect for refilling drinks with ice, folding sink for washing, folding chopping board for cutting, chopping and cutting

Foldable bowl: holes at the bottom allow effortless rinsing and draining when washing fruit, draining vegetables and pasta and preventing food from falling down the drain. Smaller silicone surface for improved shape retention. More holes for faster drainage. High quality and thicker material for improved durability. Handle with reinforced edges to provide comfort to the user.