What are the silicone pet products?

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The development history of silicone pet products in just a few years, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, now there are a lot of silicone pet products on the market, today let us know more about the silicone pet supplies.

Silicone pet locator cover: or called silicone pet locator, a thing equipped with GPS positioning, which can very well prevent pets from getting lost. In the case of lost, you can find pets according to the location, which is a very practical product. 

Silicone pet collar:

A lot of pets need to give it a collar plus traction rope, traditional collar long wear for pet neck, may now wear skin, and the silicone collar because of the advantages of material, very soft and not now this kind of situation, and according to different varieties of pets choose different types of silicone collar.


Silicone pet Frisbee:

There are a large pet dogs especially active dogs, this kind of pet dog is a special liking for this Frisbee! Very like to play this product, its role is to take a Frisbee to the sky, before its landing, the pet dog to bite it such a play and process.

Silicone pet massage brush

The massage brush material is soft, made of durable silicone material, with many ultra-soft and flexible bristles, which can gently comb and massage the pet, without scratching and hurting the pet skin during or after the bath, providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for our pet.

Silicone pet bowl

Common pet tableware material has plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, etc., now sales of folding silicone pet meal bowl, its silicone texture is soft, feel good, easy to clean, has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, durable tear resistance, or food safety silicone, folding design is easy to receive, this is a lot of stainless steel or ceramic material tableware can’t do.

Silicone pet bowl is a double bowl double use, eating and drinking water, cats and dogs do not worry, silicone pet folding double food bowl, can be folded storage, can save space to carry and go out, especially suitable for outdoor as a slow food bowl, let cats and dogs eat slowly, stored and hang on the backpack.

Folding dog bowl silicone pet bowl out outdoor portable pet drinking bowl,we can print LOGO.

Advantages of silicone material in the pet industry

1: environmental protection and non-toxic, silicone material has been recognized by too many people, mainly because of the importance of environmental protection and non-toxic this piece, in the production of related silicone pet products is the same, can rest assured to use for pets.

2: Foldable storage, the pet bowl made of silicone material can be folded and storage, can greatly save travel space, can bring more items, folding storage will not occupy a lot of positions.

3: the material is soft, because the silicone is a soft material, but also can be adjusted to the same soft hardness as the skin, so as to avoid the phenomenon of pet skin is cut.

4: convenient to clean, pet related products also need to be cleaned regularly, silicone material will not touch oil, and is soft concave can be opened to clean because it is soft, in a long time after the use of silicone pet products can also be put into boiling water for boiling cleaning and disinfection and other treatment.


How to distinguish whether it is a silicone material?

  1. Contact by hand, the pet tableware made of silica gel, feel soft and smooth.
  2. Use the nose to smell the smell, and the silicone products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and there is no taste. Except for those just produced, there will be some smell.

  3. Observe the color of the pet tableware to see whether the product has turned yellow. Good silicone products have the characteristics of constant yellow, aging resistance and no degradation.

  1. From the tensile toughness to stretch the pet bowl, silicone material will not appear white phenomenon, soft and comfortable, elastic, arbitrary kneading will not deform the characteristics.


   In XHF, we have newly established a number of dust-free workshops in the past two years to continuously expand the scale and improve the level of quality control, so that high-precision quality inspection can be carried out after the products are produced. After multiple quality control processes, the finished products are more perfect. displayed to customers.

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