Why do more and more people like to use silicone air fryer baking tray?

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Product name: Silicone air fryer baking tray/Silicone Air Fryer Baking Pan

Types of baking plates:Air Fryer Basket Pot Tray Liner Silicone

Material: Food grade silicone (through FDA) 250 degrees high temperature, can be repeatedly fried

Product use: Suitable for large capacity air fryer, oven, can roast meat, vegetable cake, snacks and so on can also be placed in the microwave oven when the plate heating food.




Do the silicone air fryer baking tray really well?

The advantages are as followed

  1. ReliableQuality+Food grade silicone material

Our silicone air fryer baking pans are made of food grade silicone to replace highly flammable parchment or paper.


  1. Good heat resistance

It’s non-stick,non-toxic,BPA-free,and made from a highly heat-resistant material that can withstand temperatures as high as 420°F (about 220 ℃) and as low as -40°F(about-40℃).


  1. Humanized practicaldesign+intimate handle design

Our silicone air fryer baking basket is designed to have hollow handles on both sides, and you can also pair a pair of insulated silicone gloves to protect your hands from burns when removing the silicone pot.


  1. Dishwasher safe+easy to clean

Our silicone air fryer baking pan is very soft and flexible and you just need to turn it over and wash it with warm water. The unique design allows you to drain easily when you clean. Dishwashers can also be cleaned, to avoid hand-washing trouble.


  1. Oil proof design

Taste better! Let the oil flow naturally and aggregate to maintain moisture and purity.The bottom of the silicone tray is high in the middle and low at all sides,which helps the oil in the food flow to the edge of the tray when cooking, preventing the food from being soaked by the oil.


  1. Wide application+Place a variety of food

Our silicone pans work not only for air fryers, but also for ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers. Not only as an air fryer accessory, but also as a fruit dish. One thing can be used for many purposes, and multiple foods can be used.


  1. Super Great Air Fryer Accessories+More environmentally friendly

You do not need to spend more paper on the lining which will help reduce contamination.This reusable silicone pan is not a disposable parchment and other air fryer liner, but a better choice to make your life more environmentally friendly!


Overall, silicone air fryer baking tray is made of reusable safe food grade silicone and environmentally friendly grade material. Food-grade silicone, as the name suggests, is in direct contact with food, approved by the US FDA standard or the European LFGB standard, and is safe. It is non-toxic and tasteless, with high temperature resistance, flame retardant, aging resistance, environmental protection, stable chemical performance and other characteristics.


What is the difference between silicone air fryer plate and normal parchment

The overall thickness of the silicone air fryer baking tray is much thicker than the parchment, not only not sticky, and can be reused more than 2000 times. They can be placed on trimmed baking pans or on flat cookie boards to withstand temperatures of up to 470°F. There are many raised lines, facilitate internal air circulation, improve heat circulation; unique design drainage tank, juice does not stick to food, easy cleaning. Silicone air fryer baking tray are not limited to baking, they can also be used to heat the food in the oven and even work in the oven.







Can the silicone air fryer pan only be used in the air fryer?

Silicone air fryer baking tray can be used in the home oven, the mat has a very high temperature resistance, general family roast meat or making macaron bread can use air fryer silicone baking tray, the mat operation is relatively simple, as long as we into the oven at the bottom of the tile can be used directly, baking mat products can be used repeatedly, in daily not bacteria in the process of repeated use, cleaning only need in warm water or with detergent can clean, baked bread will not stick at the bottom of the air fryer silicone baking basket mat.


Silicone baking basket mat is a tool of family use first, can only be used in the oven, not as other tools to use, or will lead to our silicone baking mat damage, if we want to use mat steamed buns can choose silicone steamer mat, the cushion is specially made for steamed buns, general silicone baking mat products, the surface is silicone material, internal made by glass fiber, increase the service life of the product and wear.


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