Grip Strength Ring

Material: Silicone

Dimensions: Customized

Custom Logo: Printing Logo Available

Color: Customized / Blue, Orange, Green, Red

MOQ: 1000

Package: PE Bag or Customize Package


A grip strength ring, also known as a grip strengthener, is a small portable hand training device. It can help improve and strengthen the muscles of the hands and forearms.

The grip strength ring consists of a ring that provides resistance when squeezing. You can compress the silicone hand grip strengthener with your fingers and palms to engage the muscles involved in grip strength.

Features of Grip Strength Ring

Our grip strength rings are made of high quality silicone for good durability and comfort. Their shape and design take into account the anatomical structure of the human hand, making it more natural and comfortable to hold.

Xinhongfa offers several different resistance levels (light resistance, medium resistance, heavy resistance) to meet the needs of different users, such as hand rehabilitation training, exercise training, stress relief, etc.

Moreover, our silicone grip strengtheners are small, lightweight and easy to carry. You can do grip training anytime and anywhere.

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