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Nose Oxygen Cannula

Material: Silicone

Dimensions: Customized

Custom Logo: Printing Logo Available

Color: Customized

MOQ: 1000

Package: PE Bag or Customize Package


A nose oxygen cannula is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen. There are two types of oxygen nasal cannula: high flow nasal cannula and low flow nasal cannula. Xinhongfa’s oxygen nasal cannulas are made of 100% medical-grade silicone (contains no PVC and latex).

Features of Nose Oxygen Cannula

Our nose oxygen cannulas are made of medical-grade silicone material to ensure product safety. Silicone has good durability and is extremely skin-friendly.

We use allergy-free silicone prongs to minimize skin irritation. This silicone is cured to ensure better stability and flow path.

Our nasal oxygen tubes are soft and flexible. They can better fit the shape of the nasal cavity, reduce irritation to the nasal cavity, and provide a more comfortable user experience.

In addition, the design of our oxygen nasal cannula can be adjusted according to the needs of different users. Whether it is high flow or low flow, we offer nose oxygen cannulas in a variety of sizes to meet the different needs of users.

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