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Silicone Baby Bowl

Material: Silicone

Dimensions: Cutsomized

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Color: Cutsomized / Blue, Orange, Green, Red

MOQ: 1000

Package: PE Bag or Customize Package

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Silicone baby bowls are designed with features that cater to the needs of infants and toddlers during mealtime.


Safe Material

Silicone baby bowls are typically made from food-grade silicone, which is safe for babies and free from harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

Soft and Flexible

The silicone material is soft and flexible, making it gentle on a baby’s gums and teeth. This feature is important for young children who are just starting to eat solid foods.

Non-Slip Base

Many silicone baby bowls come with a non-slip base to prevent them from sliding around on the highchair tray or table. This feature helps keep the bowl in place during mealtime.

Suction Base

Some baby bowls have a suction base that adheres to flat surfaces, reducing the chances of spills and making self-feeding easier for toddlers.


Silicone is heat-resistant, allowing baby bowls to be used for both warm and cold foods. It is safe for use in the microwave and can withstand the heat of hot baby food.

Easy to Clean

Silicone baby bowls are easy to clean and are often dishwasher safe. The non-porous surface of silicone prevents the buildup of food residue and makes cleaning a breeze.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Silicone is a durable material that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Silicone baby bowls are designed to be long-lasting and can endure drops and bumps.

Colorful and Fun Designs

Many baby bowls come in vibrant colors and fun designs to make mealtime more engaging for little ones. Some bowls may have cute shapes or illustrations to capture a child’s interest.

Portion Control

Some baby bowls have portion control markings to help parents and caregivers provide appropriate serving sizes for their little ones.

Divided Sections

Divided baby bowls have separate sections, allowing parents to serve different types of food without mixing. This can be helpful for introducing a variety of flavors and textures.


Compact and lightweight, silicone baby bowls are often designed for on-the-go use. They are convenient for travel and outings, ensuring that babies can enjoy meals away from home.


Stackable designs make it easy to store multiple baby bowls without taking up much space in the kitchen.

Freezer Safe

Silicone baby bowls are often safe for use in the freezer, allowing parents to store homemade baby food in convenient portions.

Easy to Handle

Baby bowls are designed with handles or easy-to-grip edges, making it simple for little hands to grasp and participate in self-feeding.

Gradual Transition

Some baby bowls are designed to support the transition from purees to chunkier textures, providing a versatile option as a child’s eating skills develop.

When choosing a silicone baby bowl, parents should consider the specific needs and preferences of their child, including the age, developmental stage, and any specific features that may enhance mealtime for their little one.

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