Infuse your little one’s meals with a touch of fun and learning! Bare silicone cups not only simplify feeding, but also offer a world of possibilities for engaging activities that stimulate development.

Sensory play

Exploring textures: silicone soft and flexible creates a rich experience for little fingers. Encourage your child to squeeze, poke and explore its different textures.

Shape and color recognition: Naked cups come in a variety of bright colors and fun shapes. Display them and ask your child to identify their names or match the colors.

Cognitive development

Fine motor skills: unscrewing and replacing the lid promotes coordination and dexterity fingers. It also promotes problem-solving skills when using the cup’s mechanics.

Counting and measuring: Fill the cup with different amounts of liquid and have your child practice counting or to estimate the volume. This promotes math concepts in a hands-on way.

Language and Communication

Vocabulary Development: Encourage your child to describe the colors, shapes and textures of the cup. Introduce new words related to food and glasses.

Storytelling: Create imaginative stories around the adventures of the cup. Its animal characters and playful designs can spark creativity and inspire language development.

Self-feeding and independence

Transition to independent eating: Naked cups feature handles easy to grip and are waterproof. lids, giving little ones a sense of control over their eating.

Self-Confidence: The ability to use a cup independently builds self-esteem and confidence in one’s own drinking abilities your child.

Educational games

Stacking competition: stack the cups in order of height or color to practice size recognition and spatial reasoning.

Hide and seek: hide a small toy inside the cup and ask your child to look for it. This stimulates their curiosity and problem-solving skills.


Naked silicone cups are not only practical feeding tools for toddlers, but also invaluable resources to improve their development. By integrating these fun and educational activities into meals,you can develop their sensory, cognitive, motor and language skills in an enjoyable and engaging way. Make mealtime a memorable adventure filled with laughter, learning and a touch of silicone magic!