Step into the delicious world of hot pot, a feast that will warm the body and mind while stimulating the taste buds. In the heat wave of hot pot, there is a little-known hero silently guarding our table – silicone MATS.

Silicone MATS are wonders of high temperature resistance, they act as a barrier between the hot pot and the table, preventing heat from damaging the surface. But what exactly gives them this extraordinary heat resistance?

The secret of silicone

Silica gel is a synthetic material consisting of siloxane chains. These chains are extremely thermally stable, meaning they do not break down at high temperatures. It is this unique chemical structure that gives the silicone pad its excellent heat resistance.

Heat transfer capacity

The low thermal conductivity of silicone pads is also key to their thermal protection performance. Thermal conductivity measures the ability of a substance to conduct heat. The thermal conductivity of silicone is extremely low, which means that it will not transfer the heat of the hot pot to the table surface quickly.

Durability and flexibility

In addition to heat resistance, silicone pads have excellent durability and flexibility. They can withstand the boiling temperature of a hot pot without distorting or cracking. They can also be easily folded and stored, making them easy to use and store.

Additional advantages

In addition to thermal protection, silicone pads have other advantages:

Non-slip: They have a non-slip texture on the surface, which can prevent the hot pot or tableware from sliding.

Easy to clean: They are easy to clean and can withstand dishwasher rinses.

Beautiful: There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from to add a touch of color to your hot pot party.

The silicone mat is a must for hot pot parties, providing an indispensable layer of protection for your table from heat damage. Understanding their thermal properties will help you appreciate the vital role they play in keeping your hot pot experience both delicious and safe.