Ice that’s as cold as your ex’s heart

In a world where cocktails reign supreme and whiskey chills the soul, one element stands paramount: ice. But not just any ice—large, crystal-clear ice cubes that elevate your drink to a masterpiece. If you’re tired of melting ice cubes that dilute your precious libations, it’s time to upgrade to silicone ice molds with lids.

Why Silicone Ice Molds with Lids?

Crystal-Clear Ice: Silicone molds prevent air bubbles, resulting in ice cubes so pure, you’ll mistake them for diamonds.

Large Size: Ample surface area for slow melting, ensuring your drink stays cold for hours.

Lids: Keep odors and freezer burn at bay, preserving the purity of your ice.

Our Top Picks

1. Tovolo Perfect Cube Ice Tray: A classic choice with non-stick silicone for effortless release and a lid to prevent spills.

2. OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray: Genius design with a sloped tray for easy pouring and a watertight lid for spill-free freezing.

3. Think Crucial Extra Large Ice Cube Trays: Super-sized cubes for a dramatic presentation in your whiskey tumbler.

4. Trudeau IceBall Ice Cube Maker: Spherical ice balls that slowly dilute, preserving the delicate flavors of spirits.

Tips for Perfect Ice Cubes

Use purified water to prevent mineral deposits.

Freeze for at least 24 hours for complete freezing.

Remove from freezer and let stand for a few minutes before use to prevent cracking.


With silicone ice molds with lids, you’ll bid farewell to wimpy ice cubes that drown your drinks. Instead, you’ll conjure pristine, large cubes that will keep your cocktails icy, your whiskey smooth, and your taste buds dancing with delight. So, embrace the chill, raise a glass, and let our top picks elevate your ice game to epic proportions.