Advantages and applications of food grade silicone tube

With the development of society, people’s living standards are improving day by day. In addition to satisfying basic food and clothing, people also pursue health and safety more. In today’s pursuit of a healthy diet, food-grade silicone has gradually replaced food-grade plastic. Food-grade silicone has a wider range of adaptability and has become a more popular raw material in the market. The food-grade silicone tube belongs to the addition-type silica gel. It adopts a new imported food-grade silicone raw material. After a scientific formula, it adopts a batch method to produce raw rubber. Low hardness, functional rubber and other characteristics of the production of silicone tube.

Many users of the silicone straws that are becoming popular now will start to worry about many problems when they first buy them home. They feel that although they are silicone products, they are afraid that they will buy unqualified products, and that they will produce harmful substances when they are used. It is not good for the body. When buying food-grade silicone products, you must look for products produced by regular manufacturers. Don’t blindly pursue good-looking products without paying attention to whether they are odor-free silicone products! Some people will ask whether there will be harmful substances in the process of using hot water for silicone products? Now it’s up to me to answer.

First of all, silica gel can be scalded with boiling water and will not produce toxic and harmful substances, because silica gel products will encounter maintenance and cleaning problems during use, especially some food-grade silica gel products have a disinfection process, so silica gel products Can it be scalded with boiling water? The answer is yes, the premise is that the silicone products you can buy are food-grade silicone manufacturers with qualified certificates produced by regular manufacturers. If it is real silicone, no matter how you scald it with boiling water, it will not produce any harmful substances. If it is fake silicone or low-quality silicone products, they should not be considered as silicone products. Some friends found that the silicone products they bought were boiled. If problems such as discoloration, smell, and deformation appear after ironing, then it is certain that the silicone products they bought are fake.

Silica gel for food is an inorganic polymer colloid material formed by polycondensation of silicon acid. The raw material is silica gel, also known as silicic acid gel. It is a highly active adsorption material. It is non-toxic, tasteless, stable in chemical performance, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Compared with traditional silicone tubes, food-grade silicone tubes are highly transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, and resistant to high and low temperatures. They can withstand high temperatures up to about 200°C, and low temperatures can withstand minus 40°C. Heating in a sealed environment will not restore their shape. In addition, the product has the advantages of no hardening, no discoloration, no yellowing, and no frost after long-term use, especially solving the problems of black hose frosting and blue products fading, and has been well received by the industry.

In some cases, silicone straws are often compared to plastic straws, but in fact, the function and usefulness of silicone straws completely crush plastic straws. Most of the materials of plastic straws are made of plastic, because the cost of plastic materials is small. Merchants will provide straws when selling beverages. Plastic material cannot be recycled, disposable items. Plastic materials cost little. Compared with plastic straws, the price of silicone straws is much higher, mainly reflected in the raw materials. The cost of silicone raw materials must increase its price. Therefore, silicone tubing is not suitable for one-time use. If you are using it in your own home, you can use silicone tubing instead of plastic tubing. Silicone tubes are resistant to high and low temperatures. Putting it in the refrigerator or boiling it with boiling water will not damage the silicone tube and will not produce harmful substances. Plastic pipes are not only easy to age, but also not resistant to high and low temperatures. Even some plastic pipes can generate harmful substances at high temperatures.

However, silicone hoses are not limited to the application of straws. Food-grade silicone hoses are widely used and can be used as connecting tubes for medical equipment and casings for electrical instruments. And because its raw material food-grade silica gel is environmentally friendly silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, it is often used as food pipe products, connecting pipes for food machinery, water dispensers, coffee pots, etc. In addition, many baby products also use food-grade silica gel Tubes, such as baby bottle habit straws, baby water cup catheters, etc.

Food-grade silicone hose is safe and harmless, practical and comfortable, with visible quality and more peace of mind for customers. XHF will always implement the goal of high quality and high standards, and provide customers with more high-quality products and services!


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