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With the development of silicone daily products, folding silicone products have been used in pots, bowls and water bottles. Some can be electronically heated kettles and thermos cups, some are only manually folded, and their folding process has become the whole selling point of the product. Folding silicone products have become convenient products for travel and outdoor carry, especially folding bowls and folding water cups are favored by everyone. After use, they can be put into the bag, which is convenient and fast and occupies small space.

Now there are a lot of folded silicone products, such as silicone collapsible bowls, silicone folding flowerpots, folding pen holders and so on. Take you to understand the advantages of folded silicone products.


Advantage 1: occupy a small position, this is the biggest advantage of folding silicone products, but also the most direct embodiment of its value, is not occupy too much space! If you want to bring a pet bowl when you go out, if it is made of iron or plastic, then a big bowl should be put in the car or bag can be taken out, in these places is still a more position! If there are more family members, more bowls need more storage boxes to hold, while the folded silicone products do not need so many storage boxes to use, folded up will occupy a few positions.

Advantage 2: convenient to carry, this is mainly reflected in go out to carry, such as pet folding silicone bowl, above has design a hanging hole, so with pets hanging on the key chain can bring pet folding bowl, feeding pet, anytime and anywhere, and when moving is very convenient, not too big box to pack, so folded after the box is smaller, so in terms of carrying, folding silicone products have great advantage!

Advantage 3: beautiful, this kind of folding products mainly reflected in the appearance, such as folding flowerpot, folding pen holder these products, after the effect is completely two appearance, and will have more choices on modelling, according to different people design different style, according to the modelling with different color for the appearance of folding products have good visual effect.

Generally, the silicone water cups are safe. Silicone water bottles are made of environmentally friendly silicone material. Temperature resistance-40-220 degrees, durable, never deformation. Folding into a pocket for use!

Food silicone material is an inorganic polymer colloid material made of silica acid condensation, and the main component is mSiO2nH2O. Good chemical stability, except in caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid do not react with any acid base. It is often used in baby pacifiers, milk bottles and other products with high safety requirements.

Silicone folding cup is a kind of folding cup convenient to carry, hygienic to use and with double cup wall. The outer wall is connected with threads, and the adjacent segments of the inner wall can move up and down, through the rotation of the outer wall thread to achieve the function of folding and stretching of the cup.

Silicone folding cup is a convenient to carry, hygienic folding cup with double layer wall. The two adjacent segments of the outer wall are connected by thread, and the two adjacent segments of the inner wall are conical coordination and can be moved up and down. The inner wall is expanded up and down by the outer wall thread rotation to achieve cup folding and stretching kinetic energy.

Summary: The above are some of the advantages of folding silicone products, which can be seen that the silicone products factory in the design and practical grasp is still good, according to the use, use scenarios and other aspects of the design of silicone products is practical and beautiful, and the development of silicone products will be more perfect!


XHF,established in 2004, is one of the earliest silicone products R & D, design, production integration solution service providers. XHF locates in Dongguan city, Guangdong, covering an area of 10000 square meters. As an important force in silicone rubber products, XHF has constantly improved the system construction to increase quality and efficiency during its growth.We have more than 300 employees and professional teams, has established 4 departments of solid silicone rubber products, liquid silicone rubber products, plastic products and mold production, with dustfree workshops. From receiving samples, to confirming samples, and then to open mold receiving order production, between efficiency and quality, the company has explored a coordinated and efficient production mode. Also,we have certified by quality certification of ISO 9001, ROHS、REACH、FDA、LFGB,etc.

The annual output value of nearly 80 million yuan. XHF, takes the quality assurance and the environmental protection oriented, makes greater efforts to develop and produce high-quality and excellent products for customers, by the majority of customers favor recognition and praise!

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