Advantages of Liquid Silicone Lagging

Liquid silicone has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, and is relatively safer and more environmentally friendly. It is more used in baby products, medical supplies and electronic products. With the continuous upgrading of organic silica gel product technology and process requirements, the processing method of liquid silica gel has gradually become the mainstream processing method. Using liquid processing method to produce high-quality and high-precision products will basically not have any defects, so the processing method of liquid silica gel is getting more and more attention. Come big attention. The silica gel encapsulation process has gradually been developed and applied in daily life.

Silicone encapsulation process refers to a process that can form a tight connection between two parts made of silicone material and their surfaces. Since silica gel is a material with excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, its surface has almost no influence on the external air, humidity and climate, so it can maintain its good physical properties for a long time. Liquid silicone material is not easy to burn, and its performance is very stable, so it will be used to make electronic products, kitchen utensils and other products. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and very durable.

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Therefore, the liquid silicone overmolding process is adopted, which is very different from traditional waterproof materials. So what are the advantages of liquid silicone overmolding?

  1. The application range is wider: the application range of many waterproof materials is very limited, and it is not suitable for waterproof materials for electronic products, but liquid silicone is different. It is a very practical waterproof material, which is not easy to tear, has good elasticity, and is not It turns yellow and can be applied in many fields, such as the field of electronic products that we are familiar with, as well as the fields of medical supplies and children’s products. The development prospect is very promising. Liquid silicone overmolding technology has been gradually developed in many fields, and the market application effect is considerable.
  2. Environmentally friendly process technology: Liquid silicone is an environmentally friendly material. Not only is the technology advanced, it can be precisely processed and the shape can be changed arbitrarily. The liquid silicone rubber-coated molding process will never pollute the environment during processing, and it is also environmentally friendly. healthy. The liquid silicone overmolding process is relatively advanced at present, but in the continuous development, the technical level can be continuously improved, which will help the continuous improvement of waterproof solutions.
  3. The silica gel encapsulation process is conducive to improving the performance of the product, such as fire prevention, waterproof, corrosion resistance, etc. In addition, the silica gel encapsulation process also greatly improves the sealing performance of the product, and its sealing performance is more reliable, which can effectively prevent the wear of external dust, air, moisture and other factors, and ensure the long-term use strength of the product.

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Because the liquid silicone material has good slip resistance and good elastic touch, it can improve the touch feeling of the product and enhance the grip. Liquid silicone elastomer soft glue can be adjusted to the appropriate hardness and physical properties according to the physical requirements of the product. Various possible material application options are available for different products.

So, under what circumstances can you choose liquid silicone overmolding, and what are the benefits?

LSR/plastic injection molding is a cost-effective and versatile process. From LSR overmolded handles to complex electronic components, the advantages of silicone overmolding are many:

  1. Save cost and time – By molding silicone directly on the metal or plastic substrate, it will save the cost and time required to manually assemble complex parts. This can greatly reduce manufacturing costs and turnaround times, making it more economical to bring products to market.
  2. Design flexibility – LSR/thermoplastic injection molding is ideal for complex design requirements in the furniture, automotive and medical industries. Silicone overmolding produces parts that are watertight, airtight and more resistant to shock and vibration.
  3. Quality Control – The LSR/plastic injection molding process has high tolerances and strict quality control, making it suitable for any application that requires precision.

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