Performance and applicable industry of medical silicone tube

We can often see all kinds of medical grade silicone products parts, such as medical silicone tube, blood oxygen detector finger pad, breathing silicone mask, needle plug, functional watch belt and so on.


Medical silicone tube: high transparent, environmental protection, tasteless, after high temperature disinfection and autoclave sterilization, high and low temperature resistance, no deformation at high temperature, also will not occur harmful substances, aging resistance, through the bio-compatibility test.


The super performance of medical silicone tube is widely used in oxygen ventilator, medical diversion tube, pharmaceutical equipment, infusion catheter, cosmetics, biological research, chemical experiments, food and beverage transmission, veterinary drug and pharmaceutical field and so on.


Medical silicone has high strength, tear resistance, and strong resilience; good physiological inertia, implanted in human body, and will not react with human tissues.


Silicone coating process is divided into: cleaning substrate-coating silicone (coating treatment agent) -silicone thermal vulcanization coating (molding or injection molding), silicone coating process is widely used in silicone coin purse, silicone kitchenware products, silicone roller, silicone baby products.


Why do more and more silicone materials match them with stainless steel water cups?

Recently in the international market, the use of silicone and stainless steel cup combination will be more, why we began to use a lot of silicone design and stainless steel cup combination?

Medical Grade Silicone tubes


First of all, whether the difference between silicone is food-grade environmental protection?

  • Smell: smell is not food grade, the current liquid silicone on 2 kinds, a condensation type (not environmental protection, smell, toxic), a plus molding (completely environmental protection non-toxic tasteless).
  • Touch: the toughness and elasticity of food grade silicone are very good, not easy to permanently deform due to external forces, and feel more smooth, and industrial silicone products are easy to deform, and feel relatively rough.


Due to the excellent characteristics of the silicone tube and the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, so in recent years, the silicone products of the silicone products factory have maintained an increasing trend year by year. Silicone in China has been a very wide range of application, the number and variety are also growing, involving various fields, China has become a very potential market for silicone products.


Performance of medical silicone tubes 

Silicone tubes are also common for medical treatment. Generally speaking, ordinary food grade silicone tubes will slowly turn yellow after a period of use, and physiological inertia will be weakened under long-term use. In the medical aspect, the requirements of the silicone tube is very strict, we must ensure that it will not harm the human body. So the general food grade silicone tube is far from meeting this requirement.


Medical silicone tube belongs to platinum vulcanization, which is made of imported fumed silicone rubber as raw material and formed vulcanization agent for rapid vulcanization at high temperature. The medical silicone tube produced in this way has environmental protection, efficient and tasteless, high transparency, yellow resistance, long service life, excellent physiological inertia, aging resistance and other characteristics. It has a minimum inner diameter of up to 0.4mm, which has strictly passed the bio-compatibility test. No adverse effects will occur after human implantation. So it is more and more widely used in health care.


The performance of medical silicone tubes has the following 5 pieces:

  1. High transparency, high hygiene level, environmental protection, high efficiency and tasteless, high-temperature disinfection and autoclave sterilization;
  2. Medical silicone tube has good physiological inertia, will not cause harm to human tissues, will not cause foreign body reaction after entering human tissues, and does not cause inflammation to surrounding tissues;
  3. High tensile strength, high tear resistance, low shrinkage rate, and good resilience;
  4. Strong resistance to high and low temperature, no deformation at high strong temperature, and will not produce decomposition of harmful substances, physiological inertia, strong biological aging resistance performance;
  5. High health and environmental protection level, and passed the food grade safety test of American FDA and German LFGB.


Differences between pharmaceutical silicone tube and medical silicone tube:

Pharmaceutical silicone hose and medical silicone hose belong to the sanitary grade hose, the hose must meet the sanitary grade standard, do not contain plasticizer and other harmful substances, will not affect the conveying medium.


The transparent hose can clearly see the circulation of medium, with chemical inertia, and will not produce chemical reaction with the conveying medium. The sanitary grade silicone hose has good high temperature and low temperature resistance, usually used as the connecting hose for some medical equipment or as the conveying hose of liquid, powder and chemical reaction reagent, vacuum weighing, high-end laboratory, human surgery and other industries.



In addition to the quality, grade and other aspects, there are great similarities, there are many differences. These differences are mainly reflected in the different use requirements of the hose and the use environment. Medical silicone tubes are mainly used for the connection between medical equipment, or direct contact with human body. They mainly use small-caliber fully plastic transparent silicone hose or single-layer woven silicone tube. Such hose should meet the requirements of medical grade and should not contain harmful substances or react with human body.


Pharmaceutical grade silicon hose is mainly used for large pharmaceutical equipment, for the delivery of organic solvents, strong acid and alkali actual or extraction liquid, etc., the hose needs to meet the health level standard, will not affect the transmission medium or reaction, at the same time, the hose is required to have a certain high temperature, high pressure or acid and alkali resistance.


The pharmaceutical industry is used more in the silicone steel wire hose, four-layer woven silicone hose and other large diameter silicone tube. With the continuous development of domestic silicone tube technology, the domestic silicone tube is now entering the high-end silicone tube market.


The difference between pharmaceutical silicone tube and medical silicone tube in addition to the grade, quality of acquaintance, there are many differences, these differences are mainly reflected in the use of hose different, requirements and use environment.


Medical silicone tube: mainly used for the connection between medical equipment, or direct contact with the human body, mainly the use of small diameter full plastic transparent silicone hose or single layer woven silicone tube, this kind of hose needs to meet the requirements of medical level, with safe, non-toxic and high sanitary level performance.


Pharmaceutical silicone hose: mainly used for large pharmaceutical equipment, used to transport organic solvent, strong acid and alkali actual or extraction, etc., need hose to health standard, will not affect the delivery medium or reaction, at the same time the hose has certain high temperature resistance, high transparency, no impurities, wear resistance, high pressure resistance or acid and alkali resistance.


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