Advantages of silicone mobile phone case and its encapsulation process

Silicone is widely used in daily life, and silicone mobile phone case is one of them. Now more and more people use mobile phone cases, because many users lack knowledge of mobile phone cases, resulting in improper use of mobile phone cases, resulting in unnecessary trouble. Here, we at XHF will analyze the advantages of silicone mobile phone cases and how to maintain them. And it can let everyone know more about the advantages of the encapsulation process.

First, the advantages of silicone phone cases:

  1. Very soft and comfortable to touch: This is the favorite point of most friends who like silicone phone cases.
  2. Strong protection: Silicone has good elasticity, which has a good buffering effect on shocks and drops, and can well protect the phone.
  3. Long service life: anti-ultraviolet, high temperature resistance, and not easy to deform, can be used for a long time.
  4. Good insulation: Silicone is an insulator, so it is relatively safe for mobile phone users.
  5. Absolutely waterproof: In summer, people often sweat on their hands and faces when using mobile phones, and the silicone mobile phone case has an excellent waterproof effect. With the protection of the mobile phone case, it can better reduce the erosion of the liquid on the mobile phone itself.
  6. Rich colors: Silicone mobile phones can be very colorful, often made into cartoon patterns.

Disadvantages of silicone phone case again:

  1. Poor thermal conductivity: Silicone mobile phone case is a high-density material, so its thermal conductivity will be relatively poor. After a long time of excessive use of the mobile phone to make it hot, the mobile phone case should be temporarily removed to dissipate heat.
  2. It is not easy to clean: silica gel has a certain adsorption capacity, and it becomes difficult to clean when there is dirt adsorbed on the mobile phone case, such as: ink, paint, etc. dirt, and dust is easy to get stuck in the gaps, so that it affects the aesthetics of the mobile phone .

Finally, the maintenance method:

  1. We first soak the dry rag in water to clean it once, then fully wring out the water, and when there is not much water in the air, first wipe the phone case inside and out to clean it once.
  2. If there is dirt and dust on the phone case, use a small toothbrush to stick some toothpaste to clean it. If it is stuck with oil stains, use a toothbrush to stick some detergent to clean it.
  3. If there are sticky stains such as glue on the phone case, you can use a small toothbrush to clean it, so that stubborn stains can be removed.


After the above detailed introduction to the silicone mobile phone case, behind the silicone mobile phone case is the encapsulation process. The emergence of the encapsulation process allows silica gel to be applied in more scenarios. Liquid silicone molding is a relatively common injection molding process at present. The difference between it and the solid state is that many products can be produced and molded more efficiently. Therefore, many solid silicone products that cannot be encapsulated currently use the liquid molding process.

In fact, liquid molding and solid molding are not only different in material, but also in mold structure, so it can make many products that cannot be completed by solid-state technology, such as metal-wrapped silicone products

nylon-wrapped silicone products, etc.

The advantages of liquid silicone lagging products are mainly that the product bonding details are more beautiful, and the product fits more perfectly. Therefore, although the efficiency of many liquid silicone lagging products is not high, the quality of the products is very good, and this method mainly processes some For relatively sophisticated rubber-coated products, such as sealing rings for smartphones, medical plastic rubber-coated products, and baby feeding bottle rubber-coated products, its molding technology is constantly replacing many kinds of materials and has a wide market. The main difference between it and the solid-state encapsulation process lies in the degree of encapsulation effect of the product. After the liquid encapsulation is completed, there will be basically no defects, cross-color and dislocation phenomena, while solid silicone products are different due to the different ways of putting in raw materials. In the case of product misalignment and offset, there is still a certain impact, so the lagging functions of the two are formed at the same time, but there are indeed two effects.

Therefore, the encapsulation process can be applied in more scenarios and in more products. After 19 years of producing silicone products, XHF has a very high production process, whether it is solid, liquid, or injection encapsulation. And we strongly support DIY customized production with a very high degree of freedom. Welcome to consult and raise various production requirements.


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