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   As a new type of material, silicone has a wide range of applications. As a material with huge demand, silicone is very popular in the global market. In developed regions in Europe and America, more advanced technologies are at the forefront. This is also because of its long history and application technology for silicone. Today, XHF will take you into the application field of silicone products to find out.

    It is an inevitable trend to replace plastic products with silicone products. At present, silicone products are very popular in Europe and the United States, especially liquid silicone has been tested and certified by the US FDA. Liquid silicone is widely used in the maternal and child industry, cosmetic industry, medical machinery industry, etc. The main source The advantages of liquid silicone: safe and non-toxic, no peculiar smell, high temperature resistance, high temperature disinfection does not produce toxic substances, so the understanding of silicone needs to be popularized and promoted.

     As one of the silicone products, silicone molds have greatly benefited the industry. Silicone molds are used in many fields, and have significant advantages in multiple molds, replacing most of the material molds, and the low cost of silicone molds, high utilization rate, strong durability, environmental protection and harmlessness have been recognized by many users. Silicone molds will also be a trend in future mold development. Due to the high and low temperature resistance of silicone, it can be used between -40-230 degrees. The material is relatively soft, good stability, resistant to falling and not easy to deform, non-stick pan, easy to clean, etc. It is widely used in daily life, such as for food. Compound mold, candy mold, chocolate mold, cake mold, silicone ice tray, silicone pacifier and other food mold manufacturing, is a kind of addition brick glue product. These food-grade silicone molds are made of high-quality silicone, processed by scientific formula and advanced technology, and have passed FDA food-grade certification. They are a kind of environmentally friendly silicone, non-toxic and odorless.

The following is an introduction to the advantages of silicone molds:

  1. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the silicone material has been recognized by too many people, mainly because of the importance of environmental protection and non-toxic, and it is the same when making related silicone molds. I dare not say whether other materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. , but the silicone material is indeed environmentally friendly! Can be used with confidence!
  2. Foldable storage, whether it is for travel or home storage, it is estimated that there are very few pet supplies made of other materials that can be folded and stored, but silicone molds and silicone products made of silicone materials can be folded and stored, so that they can be large The degree of space saving, folding storage will not occupy a lot of space.
  3. The material is soft, because silicone is a soft material, and the hardness can be adjusted to be as soft as the skin, so that it is very good to avoid the phenomenon of injury due to improper use.
  4. Unbreakable, the silicone mold is unbreakable. In daily life, it is common to break things in the kitchen, so the advantages of silicone products that are not broken are quite good when cooking and baking!


From the perspective of environmental protection, silicone is more environmentally friendly than plastic and other materials. Silicone products have a long life, good stability and are not easy to corrode. More importantly, they will not pollute the environment. Silica gel is an environmentally friendly material. Silicon elements exist in the nature of our lives. Silica gel is a raw material used to process silicon elements. It is a recyclable raw material, such as: paper, copper, iron, glass, after certain treatment can be used again. It does not produce harmful substances after burning, so it is becoming more and more popular. This is also one of the trends that silica gel will replace plastic materials in the future and become the mainstream.


Silicone products will be more popular, especially food grade silicone products. Silicone is resistant to high temperature, non-toxic, and soft in texture. It is more beneficial to use silicone kitchenware and silicone tableware in daily life. Silicone has a long service life and is resistant to falling. It can be steamed, boiled and sterilized for repeated use. As long as no sharp objects are used to damage the silicone products, if they are used normally, there is no problem with the use of silicone products for more than ten years. In the future, the pursuit of environmentally friendly materials will become the mainstream of the world, and those materials that damage the environment will be eliminated by time, and people will become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection.


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