Application of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in the automotive &medical and baby fields

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) has many advantages and characteristics, such as strong waterproof performance, elasticity, good anti-aging, non-toxic and harmless, good stability, good electrical insulation and other advantages, can be made into different forms, different uses of serialized, differentiated products.At present, it is mainly used in the field of intelligent terminal. In addition to intelligent terminal waterproofing, LSR also has a large potential market space in the automotive and healthcare sectors. In the field of automobile, LSR is mainly used in the surface processing of seals, O-ring and some parts of automobile power system and electronic system.

In the field of automobile, LSR is mainly used in the surface processing of seals, O-ring and some parts of automobile power system and electronic system. The medical and health field is due to LSR, so it is widely used in medical devices, medical supplies and other fields. The vast space of the automobile and medical market provides enough space for the industry to extend.

According to incomplete statistics, LSR applications in the automotive and medical fields are:


Gasket and collector seals;Plug-in joint seal;Highly transparent lens;

Standard single-piece seal; O ring ;Spark-plug protective shield;

2.Medical and health care:

Ventilator throat tube, face mask; 

Silicone laryngeal mask has the advantages of easy control, little damage and good patient tolerance. It is widely used in general anesthesia, especially in short general anesthesia, respiratory management and rescue.

Breast pump duck mouth valve;

Hearing aid components; 

Home appliance inhalation valve;

Components used for medical devices;

Silicone sealing caps for medical devices.

Baby pacifier;

silicone products supplier

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The injection molding of liquid silicone rubber is a new process rising in the processing of silicone rubber in recent years. The process is characterized by the high-speed production of silicone rubber products, and the traditional four-step method or five-step rubber molding process is reduced to one-step method, thus greatly saving energy and operation cost.


Generally, silicone rubber molding requires 5-6 operation steps: rolling, calendering or extrusion, pressing, transmission, injection molding and trimming of the final product, while liquid silicone rubber molding requires only one step: injection molding.

This processing method equipment is simple, commonly used in silicone rubber processing equipment, such as rolling mill, extruder and heavy press can be replaced by fixed mixer and light syringe, the processing cycle is short, small parts generally only 10s, do not need to mix and molding, accurate measurement and transportation controlled by the general system, can realize automatic operation. Moreover, due to the low injection pressure and rapid vulcanization, the product has no hairy margins.

Liquid silicone rubber products are widely used in medicine, food, infant products, diving supplies, electrical insulation accessories and cable accessories and other fields.

The material of the pacifier

From the raw materials can be divided into silicone pacifier (transparent, including liquid silicone pacifier and solid silicone pacifier) and latex pacifier (yellow, sulfur content is easy to exceed the standard). Liquid silicone pacifier is more transparent and soft than solid silicone, and is currently the most used raw material.

Solid silicone pacifier: can reach 140℃ high temperature, domestic counterparts are also the international counterparts of the pacifier material, in line with the European and American and other international standards, transparent milky white.


 Liquid silicone pacifier:Now the common raw material at home and abroad is LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber). Liquid silicone is relative to solid high temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber(HTV), it is liquid rubber with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safe and environmental protection, can fully meet the food grade requirements.

Silicone pacifiers are made of high-quality silicone rubber.It can resist the temperature changes, can be boiled, smooth surface, transparent, tasteless. These are the important characteristics of the silicone pacifiers. However, some safety concerns are be when using silicone pacifiers. For example, silicone is not as elastic as latex, and it can easily tear when the surface is damaged. Silicone gel is relatively fragile, if used frequently, you should be careful to check the surface for damage. Silicone pacifiers should be replaced for any signs of aging, such as dark lines, scratches, tooth marks, or holes, immediately. Silicone pacifiers are usually colorless and transparent.

  1. Qualified silicone pacifier must be non-toxic and tasteless color transparent, using 100% food grade silicone material;
  2. Very soft and extremely elastic, the nipple can stretch to 5mm long, so that the baby’s tongue can be as freely as sucking breast milk;
  3. silicone pacifier uses super soft silicone gel, the thickness is twice that of ordinary pacifier, so the baby will not be damaged in the process of sucking, and long-term bite will not be damaged;
  4. the general qualified silicone pacifier is using automatic mechanical production, automatic production process without manual intervention in the production, to ensure the most safe and environmentally friendly production process;
  5. With the excellent characteristics of silicone products, high temperature resistance,weatherresistance,can adapt to repeated high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave oven and other safety operation;
  6. At the same time, the silicone pacifier will not be pasted with the food, at the same time easy to clean, rinse in water can restore clean;
  7. Qualified silicone pacifier has long life, generally can be used for more than 10 years;
  8. Qualified silicone pacifiers need to meet the relevant European safety inspection standards, and the FDA certification.


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