What are the differences between silicone mats and PVC mats

The so-called mat is a kind of thing to protect and decorate the table. It is suitable for advertising promotion, household use, publicity, and gifting. It can be printed with company LOGO and restaurants, so that corporate culture can be better publicized and promoted. Spend a small amount of money to do big things and win more benefits. In the past, mats were generally made of cloth, or Oxford cloth, plastic, PVC, etc. In recent years, silicone mats have become popular! The silicone mat is a kind of silicone product produced from silicone raw materials​! The product has a good feel, and the color is bright, and it can be printed with patterns or color printing! Since the silicone mat is one of these mats that appeared later, or not too many people know about it! Today NHF will show you what is a silicone mat, and then make a small comparison with a PVC mat to see the difference between a silicone mat and a PVC mat!

Before understanding the difference between silicone mats and PVC mats, I think we should first understand what these two mats are. First of all, let’s talk about the mat made of PVC material: the Chinese name is polyvinyl chloride material, which is simply one of the plastics! I believe that many people are not unfamiliar with plastic, there are too many plastic products in life! As a silicone mat, it can be well understood literally, and it is a product produced from silica gel as a raw material! Now that we understand the material problem, let’s compare the relevant advantages and disadvantages! See what is the difference between silicone mats and PVC mats.


Related comparisons between silicone mats and PVC mats:

  1. Material comparison: The above-mentioned silicone mat is a kind of silicone product produced by using silica gel as raw material, and silica gel has been recognized by many countries and is very environmentally friendly, and will not volatilize harmful substances! And PVC is a plastic material. I believe everyone who reads the news knows that the best and worst invention in the world is this plastic. The advantage is that it is convenient to use, and the disadvantage is the current environmental pollution problem!
  2. Promotion comparison: Since many countries have recognized the related products made of silica gel, because silica gel is very convenient to operate in many import and export aspects, and more and more people accept this mat made of silica gel, while the mat made of PVC is not saying that it has been eliminated, but that it will gradually be unaccepted by people, because when it comes to promoting table mats, silica gel mats are definitely easier to be accepted by people than PVC mats.
  3. Use comparison: In terms of home use, I believe that silicone mats are very useful. Silicone mats can not only be used to pad tables, but also can be used as silicone bowl mats, bowl mats, desk mats, etc. Because it is relatively soft, it can be folded according to the size of the mat! And it can also achieve heat insulation, anti-skid and other functions! For public places such as hotels, cafes and other restaurants, relatively speaking, printing various patterns and LOGOs for publicity effects is also very soft in hand, and PVC mats do not have all the advantages of these silicone mats mentioned above, and they are lacking in folding, non-slip, and hand feeling! And in terms of lifespan, silicone mats have a relatively long lifespan. For example, the pacifiers used at home may still be able to use the pacifiers of the first child for the second child, but plastic ones are not. It is common to see some products in daily life that will weather after a few years.

There are many kinds of silicone mats, and there are many application scenarios. The advantages of silicone mats are summarized below:

  1. Good hygienic performance, no stickiness, no oil absorption, no residual impurities, and stable ingredients during distillation;
  2. Cost saving, the product can be used repeatedly, and the normal service life is more than 3500 hours;
  3. Non-sticky, non-sticky ensures the appearance of the pastry, and also reduces the cleaning and maintenance performance in the later stage;
  4. Food-grade silica gel is used for high-temperature vulcanization, with soft material, good toughness, good resilience, and no smell;
  5. High and low temperature resistance, the temperature range that can withstand is -40 degrees to +230 degrees
  6. Aging resistance, long service life, almost no reaction with other chemicals, electrical insulation properties, silicone pad products have good electrical insulation properties:
  7. The color is beautiful, you can customize the color and logo you want;

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