How to choose the customized silicone bib material?


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Now, with the improvement of living conditions and the continuous improvement of economic level, many families pay more and more attention to the care of their babies. The baby’s daily necessities are also more and more attention from parents, there are a part of the daily necessities are to directly contact with the baby’s skin for a long time. For example, baby bib, silicone bottle, silicone nipple, silicone bowl, silicone plate, etc. In terms of materials, the bibs are made with many kinds of materials. There are cotton cloth, plastic, silicone, and PVC materials. These materials can be used to produce baby bibs. So which kind of material, the bibs are mothers ‘choice? The choice of bib materials has a great impact on the health of the baby, and some of them even affect the growth and development of the baby.


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Silicone bib produced by silicone material is the correct choice for mothers. Silicone bib is a food grade silicone raw material production for baby products, with BSCI, ISO9001 quality system certification, environmental protection and non-toxic, in line with international food grade standards. Can directly contact with the skin for a long time and will not produce any strange. Because food grade silicone is a kind of green, low carbon, environmental protection silicone raw material, widely in Europe and the United States used in kitchenware, mother and baby, gifts and other FMCG products. And for the baby silicone bib this product, before the product out of the warehouse is to do strict product full inspection and food grade certification, so you can rest assured to use.

Silicone baby bib custom, using solid silicone raw material production and processing, after silicone products manufacturers mold forming, sulfide pressing, for the elderly, children, practical, beautiful, environmental protection, green, can prevent eating leakage, feel comfortable, colorful, environmental protection to the skin, is more popular articles for daily use in recent years, material belongs to non-toxic tasteless material, different color, through the export of Europe and the United States detection, waterproof! The market price is reasonable, the use of platinum environmental friendly silicone material, the soft feel, the surface sprayed with feel oil, smooth surface easy to clean, easy to use, simple structure, is the ideal meal bib.

From the material choose silicone bib material belongs to the food grade fumed silicone, material can highlight the more fine molecular chain, for the product of softness and stretch rebound life have very good reaction, and choose ordinary precipitation method of silicone material effect and performance will be reduced, on the other hand, the raw material manufacturers added white black and allocate way, traditional white black process deployment way is more, and away from the basic same, so the process is relatively messy, many raw material manufacturers cannot allocate the high tender stability of white black packing!

Soft and portable without space

After the small folding does not leave a mark, not deformation, a roll of easy storage travel.


From the production and processing, silicone products manufacturers production and processing technology and personnel control has a direct connection with product quality, such as silicone bib stretch soft, soft degree, etc., and you buy the so-called disadvantage silicone bib pocket products may also be thought manufacturer production and processing, operator abnormal production, such as feeding way, time difference and raw material refining and so on factors, in addition to the production processing affect bib, that only raw materials!


Cycle classification according to the material distinction

For children’s products, many parents are to put the material in place, after all, the baby’s skin is very delicate. And the bib will often contact the baby’s head and neck and chin, so the material is very important, followed by the use effect of the product!


  1. Cotton bib:including all cotton material and gauze material, very soft texture, comfortable and breathable to use; but cotton bib is poor waterproof, stains are not easy to clean, and easy to mold bacteria, need to clean.

  1. Silicone bib: silicone bib pocket selected food grade environmental protection raw materials, material can be trusted, it is formed by silicone products manufacturers through more than 200 degrees of high temperature processing, temperature, waterproof and oil resistance, clean is very convenient, water can be washed, can be used repeatedly. And silicone bib is now generally used 3D three-dimensional design, grooves can easily pocket food, such a design is in the storage than cotton space. In addition, silicone can also be used as other silicone products.


3.Polyester fiber:polyester fiber material is soft, has the advantages of durable, non-stick hair. The polyester fiber is easy to clean, which is better waterproof than the cotton bib, but slightly less waterproof than the silicone bib.



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