Silicone Products: Essential for New Energy Vehicles




As environmental awareness continues to increase, new energy vehicles have become an increasingly popular choice. However, to make new energy vehicles more durable and reliable, high-quality parts are needed, including silicone products.

The Necessity of High-Quality Parts

As an emerging means of transportation, new energy vehicles need to constantly improve their performance and reliability. Silicone products, as one of the key components of new energy vehicles, play a crucial role in the safety and performance of new energy vehicles. Therefore, choosing high-quality silicone products is essential for the quality and performance of new energy vehicles.

The Advantages and Scope of Application of Liquid Silicone Products

Liquid silicone is a high-quality material with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. Silicone products made from this material have the following advantages:

  • Excellent sealing performance, effectively preventing water and dust from entering the interior of the product, thereby extending the product’s life;
  • High elasticity and flexibility, able to adapt to a variety of complex shapes of automotive components;
  • High temperature and low temperature resistance, able to adapt to various harsh environments.

Liquid silicone can be used to make the following new energy vehicle parts:

  • Sealing gaskets for electric vehicle battery packs;
  • Waterproof sealing kits for electric vehicle charging plugs;
  • Waterproof sealing rings for electric vehicle motors;
  • Sealing gaskets for solar car roofs;
  • Cushion pads for new energy vehicle seats;
  • Tire surface silicone for new energy vehicle tires;
  • Waterproof sealing rings for new energy vehicle lights;
  • Waterproof sealing kits for new energy vehicle driving recorders;
  • Waterproof sealing rings for new energy vehicle electronic control boxes;
  • Sealing gaskets for new energy vehicle cooling systems.

The Benefits of Customizing Liquid Silicone Products

Ordering liquid silicone products can bring many benefits to your new energy vehicle. First, liquid silicone products have excellent quality and performance and can provide long-term protection for the vehicle. Second, the production of liquid silicone products can be customized according to the specific requirements of your vehicle, ensuring that these products are fully suitable for your vehicle and can provide the best performance for your vehicle. Finally, ordering liquid silicone products can help you reduce costs, because you only need to order the specific parts you need, rather than having to purchase the entire assembly like other parts.

How to Customize Liquid Silicone Products

Ordering liquid silicone products is very easy. You only need to contact a reliable liquid silicone product supplier, provide them with the requirements and specifications of your vehicle, and tell them which parts you need. The supplier will produce high-quality liquid silicone products for you according to your requirements and deliver them to you.


Liquid silicone products are essential high-quality parts for manufacturing new energy vehicles. Liquid silicone products have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance, and can adapt to various harsh environments. Therefore, liquid silicone products are an indispensable choice for new energy vehicle manufacturers. If you are a new energy vehicle manufacturer, it is recommended that you choose liquid silicone products to ensure that your vehicle has higher performance and reliability. Ordering liquid silicone products is very easy, can be customized according to your requirements, and can bring you many benefits, including long-term protection, optimal performance, and cost reduction.


We are a qualified factory with 18 years of experience in customizing silicone products. Our expertise in liquid silicone products enables us to provide high-quality parts for new energy vehicles. If you are looking for silicone products for your new energy vehicle, we can customize them to your exact specifications.

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