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XHF, focus on the customization and manufacturing of silicone products, for many years with rich production experience, we can produce high quality and cost performance products for you. In the production of silicone ice tray is the same.


In Summer, this is an essential small round ball ice mold, can do all kinds of ice drinks, already can’t wait to look forward to the arrival of summer, so how much do you know about silicone ice cube tray? This article takes you to understand the convenience of silicone ice tray to life.


Product presentation

Silicone ice cube belongs to the category of silicone kitchenware in silicone products. It is a mold made of silicone raw materials to make ice cubes. It has the high quality characteristics of silicone raw materials, combined with special food grade silicone raw materials, so it is very safe to use.

Silicone ice cubes can make transparent ice balls or transparent cube ice cubes for whisky or cocktails. It melts slowly and does not dilute the wine and affects the taste.

Silicone ice cubes can also be used to mix wine or frozen drinks. The product adopts oil press high temperature vulcanization molding process, through raw material preparation, vulcanization molding, cutting edge and other processes. It is a common product in the silicone industry, mainly sold to foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.


Different shapes of silicone ice tray design, different cold experience!

The shape of silicone ice tray can be designed according to personal ideas, generally roughly divided into four categories: fruit shape, animal shape, letter shape, pictographic shape (such as square, circle, heart, etc.); of course, there are many other shapes, such as car shape, cartoon character shape, etc.; as long as the idea is in hand, the shape of the product can be designed freely designed; We can satisfy your customization requirement.


The color of the silicone ice lattice is mixed by adding a certain column of color cream to the raw material. In theory, the color on the Pantone color card can be mixed out, in practice, there will be a certain degree of color difference.


Soft silicone material slightly bent extrusion to quickly remove the ice!


Is the silicone ice cube mold harmful to the human body?

Nope,It don’t add any toxic and items, feel soft, safe, healthy and durable.


Silicone ice tray have the characteristics of environmental protection and non-toxic, do not contain toxic and harmful substances, and meet the common third-party certification requirements (such as ROHS, FDA, LFGB, etc.).The applicable temperature range is -40 to 230 ℃. In addition, it also has the advantages of easy cleaning, soft, no deformation, non-adhesive mold, anti-skid, shock-proof, elasticity, insulation, tear resistance degree, anti-fading, and long life.


Silicone ice cube tray with cover and without cover, so what are their advantages and disadvantages respectively?

Silicone Ice Cube tray without cover

Advantages: large size, many ice cubes styles, wide selectivity, commercial advantages, cheap price

Disadvantages: not suitable for home use, easy to taste, easy to end uneven easy to tilt


Silicone Ice Cube tray with cover

Advantages: It uses a cover design, can effectively avoid the refrigerator frozen flavor, can be in direct contact with food, strong and durable.The cover design can prevent ice making taste pollution, and do not leak. The product is strong and durable. Can be stacked storage, save space.


Disadvantages: The price is expensive, the hole is generally not suitable for commercial, style will not be too much.

  1. Water into the mold, it becomes ice that doesn’t melt and can be used repeatedly.
  2. The ice taking method is also very easy, the product material is soft and tough, you only need to grasp the handle on both sides and gently twist to take the ice.


Distinction of Silicone ice cube tray &silicone cake mold& silicone chocolate mold:

Because of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances classification on the market is uneven, there is no clear boundaries, kitchenware silicone cake mold, silicone ice cube tray, silicone chocolate mold, these three common silicone molds in the product structure and product appearance are generally similar, difficult to distinguish, the three characteristics of the products do a brief description.


  • Silicone ice cube tray

The most common ice forming, the shape of the mold can be very detailed and large sharp Angle, the groove can be very thin, the pattern is detailed, the ice can be hollow.


  • Silicone cake mold

The most common silicone cake baking mold, the shape of the mold is mostly large, orderly radius, and the biggest difference between the ice case is not designed into a large water chestnut and detailed groove, the cake is mostly solid and few hollow molding design.


  • Silicone chocolate mold

The most common silicone chocolate molding mold is very close to the design of the silicone cake mold. The difference is that the silicone chocolate mold size is smaller than the silicone cake mold, and the depth is shallow.


Market prospect

 The excellent characteristics of silicone ice cube products fit the sustainable development strategy and the construction of environmental protection society reached, and have good market performance in the future.


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