Precautions when purchasing silicone baby products

“Is the silicone tableware used by babies really safe?”, so do you have a preliminary understanding of silicone baby products? The current market of silicone baby products gradually covers every family, and in the future, it will be an item that will accompany every child’s growth , I believe it will also include silicone material, so it is very important to choose the quality of the product. However, although silica gel is environmentally friendly, there are still a little tricks in judging whether the silicone children’s products are good or bad in the market, so I remind you to pay attention to a few issues when purchasing! First: the safety of the material Second: the practicality of the product Sex third: product quality!

    What is certain is that silicone is indeed a very suitable material for babies. Silicone products are now widely used in various fields, and are also essential in daily life. The reason why silica gel products can gradually replace glass and plastic in various fields is mainly because of its non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics. The silicone tableware for babies to eat is even food-grade silicone products. For example, bowls, spoons for eating, pacifiers that babies hold in their mouths, etc., many of them are made of food-grade silicone.

For example, this silicone baby teether is light, soft, drop-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-slip, good heat insulation, non-toxic, odorless, BPA-free, etc., which meet safety requirements.

Babies are easy to knock over the tableware, but don’t worry about the baby breaking the silicone tableware. Even if the silicone tableware is burned, no toxic gas will be produced, and silicon dioxide and water vapor will be generated. Unlike those plastics, pungent and toxic gases are produced at high temperatures.

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   You can smell the smell first, food-grade silicone tableware is basically tasteless. Secondly, tableware made of food-grade silicone has relatively high transparency and will not turn yellow. You can also try to pull the silicone tableware. After the regular silicone tableware is stretched, it will be restored well. After buying it, don’t rush to use it. You can boil water at high temperature first, and treat it before using it. Regular silicone tableware is safe, so don’t worry too much.

   For babies, the skin factor of silicone baby products is very important. In terms of raw materials, silica gel is made of high polymer environmental protection silica gel material, which is mild to the skin, odorless and non-irritating. The composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many characteristics that cannot replace other similar materials: high adsorption performance, excellent heat resistance, and stable chemical properties.

Silicone Baby Products Silicone has become the most used material for children at present. Because it has too many excellent characteristics, it can replace other baby products. In terms of materials, it has already reached food-grade stainless steel and children’s skin. It is easy to cause discomfort, the soft material will not hurt the skin, and can be used as anti-fall and other functions. Judging from the current trend, silicone baby products in the current market are gradually entering every home. In the future, the things that every child grows and develops may also be made of silicone, so it is very important to choose the quality of the product.

   In terms of performance, silicone material is used as silicone baby products. At present, it is one of the dominant products in the field of daily necessities, and it is also one of the most popular products in European countries. In terms of materials, silicone bowls are environmentally friendly. Food-grade stainless steel silicone raw materials have been processed and pressed at a high temperature of 200 degrees. After secondary vulcanization, 100% can meet the food-grade inspection and verification standards. Under normal circumstances, silicone baby products processed by reliable silicone product manufacturers can be used. Apply with peace of mind. In terms of performance, what is the difference between silicone kitchen utensils and plastic materials? Plastic materials are easy to crack when they are melted at high temperatures and low temperatures, and they will age and fade when they are exposed to weather effects, and may cause certain harm to babies. Silicone products, on the other hand, are heat-resistant and odorless, have good soft resilience, and are resistant to falling and damage.

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  To sum up, when choosing tableware for your baby, as long as you pay attention to the following points, you can choose qualified silicone tableware for your baby.

  1. Choose food-grade silica gel as the material. Food-grade silica gel is more resistant to high temperature and can be used in the temperature range of -40°C to 240°C.
  2. Choose tableware marked with the words “No bisphenol A (BPA)”, such as: 0% BPA, BPA free.
  3. Tableware must be tasteless.
  4. Choose transparent or light-colored tableware, especially the inner wall of the bowl must be colorless and without pictures.
  5. The surface of the tableware should be smooth without impurities or air bubbles.

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