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Silicone coating process refers to a method of full wrapping or partial wrapping processing of silicone materials, which is divided into two kinds of solid silicone and liquid silicone coating molding. Solid silicone is molded, liquid silicone is mostly used for injection molding, put silicone on nylon, ABS, metal and other materials coated with silicone, and then put into the mold for vulcanization or injection of liquid silicone integrated molding.

The main function of liquid silica gel coating process is to use silicone waterproof, oil ring crest elastic extrusion and joint sealing, so as to achieve the role of waterproof / oil leakage. Because a product in addition to the appearance and appearance of the factor, the other is not to have rough margins and other defects.


Silicone coating process is divided into: cleaning substrate-coating silicone (coating treatment agent) -silicone thermal vulcanization coating (molding or injection molding), silicone coating process is widely used in silicone coin purse, silicone kitchenware products, silicone roller, silicone baby products.


Why do more and more silicone materials match them with stainless steel water cups?

Recently in the international market, the use of silicone and stainless steel cup combination will be more, why we began to use a lot of silicone design and stainless steel cup combination?

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Coating Silicone


Silicone material is flexible, elastic, and has good resistance, acid resistance and impact resistance. Also, the feel of silicone will also make people feel more delicate and soft, and then the stable performance of silicone is a very safe and environmentally friendly material.

Stainless steel water cup cup body is made of stainless steel, the characteristics of hard, but we will find that the use of stainless steel water cup in winter will feel the surface of the water cup is too cold, feel bad, plus silicone cover after the effect of temperature insulation.

When using stainless steel water cups in summer, the hand sweat will cause the phenomenon of skid, which increases the friction after increasing the silicone cover, which can effectively avoid the skid phenomenon.


Because of easy plasticity, bright color after processing, combined with stainless steel water cup, silica gel can not only increase the practical function, but also beautify the effect of the visual image of the water cup.

Now the stainless steel cups on the market are not only combined with the cup body and silicone, but also directly use silicone design into cartoon shape and the lid, so that an ordinary cup becomes more personality, more lovely.

A lot of glass cups, plastic cups also cover silicone, play a role in preventing scald.

Notes and maintenance skills of silicone hardware coating kitchenware:

Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances with hardware stainless steel material, but the silicone hardware package rubber kitchenware is more and more, many people of silicone material without definite cognition of silicone hardware kitchen utensils and appliances is lack of some maintenance skills and knowledge, buy do not know how to use correctly, so here to introduce silica gel hardware package glue kitchen utensils and appliances matters needing attention and maintenance skills. Kitchen utensils use is a kind of skill, the maintenance and cleaning process is more important, currently on the market is mostly half pack of glue hardware majority, such as silicone spatula, silicone spoon, etc., and the silicone hardware coating such as kitchen utensils and appliances not regular cleaning and maintenance, will lead to subsequent use function and appearance will be affected by certain.


  1. before use need to use high temperature hot water for a period of time, complete antivirus, although has passed the second sulfur, but many silicone products manufacturers add sulfur time is short lead to the product substance is not completely excessive, as prevention must ensure the antivirus process.
  2. Irregularly use warm water or boiling water with white vinegar or coke to wipe, the effect of this practice is to maintain the appearance of the product, to prevent oil stains, sauce and other chemical reaction with it. Can use soft cloth, water, disinfectant wipe, can not use iron brush wire ball and other hard things scrub, so can maintain the luster and life of the product, keep new for a long time.
  3. silica gel and hardware fusion, silica gel material belongs to the software, and the stainless steel surface will undergo a long-term collision and temperature of the high and low residual debris foreign body on the silica gel tableware, so after use do not long parties regardless or long-term immersion, keep dry can not lose luster, but also to ensure the use of the surface safety!
  4. Avoid collisions. Try to avoid collisions with hard objects, and the cleaning tools should be soft and gentle.


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