The process and difficulty of liquid silicone coating


Process of liquid silicone coating:

  • Hard substrate clear: before the liquid silicone, nylon, ABS, metal (stainless steel, aluminum alloy) and other materials clean, the purpose of cleaning is to ensure that the surface of the coated without oil stains, and oxide layer; oil should be cleaned with industrial alcohol and other solvents.
  • Brush KL-26AB silicone, need to strengthen the strength can be painted CL-24S-3 bottom coating treatment agent: general liquid silicone can not adhesive the substrate, so need to hit the bottom material is the corresponding silicone or bottom coating. Select different coating according to the material, pay attention to the coated surface as thin and uniform as possible, and cover all adhesive joints. After the drying of the adhesive bottom coating, the conjunctiva on the coated surface is not stick and then enter the next process.
  • Liquid silicone: injection molding is also the mixed liquid silicone through pressure, injection into the mold chamber heating vulcanization molding. Under the action of liquid silicone and bottom coating, the surface of nylon, ABS, metal and other materials can be well used. Pay attention to ensure that there are no bubbles in the process, liquid silicone injection molding is an automatic glue filling method.


What are the difficulties of silicone hardware coating process?

For the shape of the silicone product is special, and the product need high hardness is not easy to twist silicone products, silicone coating hardware process products has become one of many customers’ choice, such as our common handle basic is internal is metal external glue, this phenomenon we can call the local glue and overall glue, local silicone products common like screwdriver this product overall package is silicone spoon this comprehensive silicone products, and for silicone products manufacturers, local silicone coating products using the difficulty of injection molding process is bigger, so the basic is using the effect of overall silicone coating to production.


In the silicone products industry, in terms of the complexity of the process and the accuracy of the product, only the two-color silicone process and silicone coating process are difficult. In the production process of silicone products manufacturers, the problem of comparing manufacturers is that the silicone coating process consumes labor and the defect rate is not good to control.

But due to the hardware silicone coating process of products is relatively popular in the market, and the more best-selling products in the production and processing process time is longer, so similar to silicone spoon, silicone spatula silicone coating process in the actual production process is to have the difficult. Let’s introduce the following what are the specific difficulties:

  1. silicone hardware silicone coating process positioning, hardware coating is using silicone will hardware completely coating or local coating to high temperature sulfide, the whole sulfide process in addition to silicone, other hardware components offset is difficult to control, so for silicone products manufacturers, coating hardware or coating nylon products need to do positioning standard, general positioning seat can be divided into several ways to do.
  2. Mold structure complex circumstances can open three layers of template, now the bottom of the silicone and the middle mold printing hardware seat sulfur out of a hardware positioning slot, in the hardware in the internal finally take off the middle layer template can achieve the effect of internal hardware, but most small products this method is not feasible! It is usually a method available for larger products.
  3. Double plate, in the case of no requirement for appearance can choose in the middle of the mold, put the silicone in the place, put the hardware in the last layer of silicone and template, the basic product will not appear offset phenomenon, this method can be used in the form of long or circular hardware is better.
  4. The hardware is relatively small, and the allowance of the silicone part is relatively large, it can be probably directly wrapped with artificial hardware directly molding, this method is not easy to shift the hardware positioning of better products.
  5. Deflection causes leakage of hardware. The lection refers to the phenomenon of hardware deviation caused by the head or tail leakage during the hardware molding in the middle of the silicone, leading to the deviation phenomenon mainly because the pressure of the machine may lead to the deviation of the hardware.Pressure of the control console, time, temperature can make qualified good products, caused by the uneven placement of the silicone materials. The silicone material placement needs to be symmetrical and uniform, and in the placement process, attention should be paid to covering the edge part of the silicone material, The control of the temperature is important, In the process of placing, try to reduce the time into the mold to ensure the temperature and the time control of the mold, If too crisp may lead to the product leakage of hardware phenomenon.


On the whole, deviation leakage hardware is the difficulty of hardware silicone coating products, generally we can solve the improvement from the above several methods, the pressure of the machine is too large may lead to hardware offset phenomenon, in the personnel put silicone need to focus on control! Temperature control within a certain range and so on, in short, for silicone products no matter do any process difficulties are more, mainly depends on how you control!


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