The proportion of silicone pet products in the market continues to grow

The development history of silicone pet products is not long, but it has grown very fast in just a few years, and now there are a lot of silicone pet products on the market, so do you know which ones are there? What are the names of these products and what are their functions? Let XHF explain to you today which silicone pet products are available and the functions of their respective products!

First of all, we will focus on introducing our new product, which can be said to be a must for keeping pets. It is a silicone pet positioning sleeve, a thing that can be equipped with GPS positioning, and it can be tied to the collar to prevent pets from getting lost. . In the case of being lost, the pet can be found according to the location. This is a very practical product.   

The second silicone pet collar: Many pets need to wear a collar and a leash for them. The traditional collar is not good for the pet’s neck if worn for a long time, and the skin may be worn out now. However, this silicone collar is due to the quality of the material. The advantage is that it is very soft and will not be the case now, and different types of silicone collars can be selected according to different breeds of pets.

The third type of silicone pet leash: every country has express regulations, different types of pets need leashes of different lengths to prevent pets from hurting people, and silicone leashes have many advantages over traditional ones, such as good hand feeling and elasticity Wait, but the function is still the same, it is used to lead the behavior of pets!

The following are products related to the physical and mental health of pets:

Silicone pet foot cleaner: the design principle is suitable for many pets, such as common pet cats, pet dogs, etc. The role of this can be understood from the literal meaning, and its purpose is to facilitate pets when they return home after going out. Wash it so that the dust brought back from the outside does not stain the inside of the house.

Silicone pet hair remover: Most pets have thick hair, but there is a problem of hair loss. This hair-pulling artifact can let it take care of the pet in advance when it is brushing the pet every day, instead of cleaning the house anytime, anywhere every day.

Pet Bath Silicone Massager: Don’t be surprised, when people enjoy a massage, so do their pets. Pets are people’s good partners or exist as family members. Pets also need massage when they are old and frail. This bath massager solves this problem very well and properly relieves pets’ fatigue.

Silicone pet toothbrush: People brush their teeth every day when they wake up or before going to bed at night, and pets do the same, because pets also eat every day, and they must also have bad breath. This finger toothbrush is specially designed for pets, plus some An edible pet toothpaste with a delicate fragrance, which can effectively reduce pet bad breath.

Silicone Pet Slow Food Bowl: Pets are actually the same as people. Sometimes they will gobble food when they are hungry. People can control this by themselves, but pets do not have this awareness. A lot of tops are added to the base bowl, which can control the rhythm of pets’ wolfing down when eating.

Silicone pet toys: including silicone balls, silicone frisbees, etc. Those who have raised pet dogs, especially active dogs, should be familiar with this. This kind of pet dogs have a soft spot for this frisbee! And pet cats will prefer toys such as small balls.

The above introduces several practical pet products, so how to choose them, it depends on what type of specifications your pet needs, and then you need to learn something about the silicone products factory for pet products, silicone itself has an environmental protection level The difference is because the products used for their own pets are products that the pets have to contact with every day, and the owner is also a product that the owner often contacts. Naturally, it is necessary to consider the safety and practicability of the product in many aspects, but some manufacturers do not pay attention to this aspect. When the user buys it and uses it for a pet for a long time, it will have a certain impact on the health of the pet.


XHF has rich experience in the development and production of maternal and child products and food-grade silicone products. When choosing pet products, choosing XHF can eliminate all possible problems. We not only have a variety of existing products to choose from, but even design and develop one independently. There is no problem with a new product.


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