The silicone watchband——Silicone gifts in silicone products


With the popularity of smart wearable products in recent years, there are various kinds of smart bracelets. The comfort, durability and anti-fouling performance are also important indicators of the selection and design of wristband material, and silicone material is the most close to safety and environmental protection, so it is suitable for it.

Silicone watch watchband itself has a certain tension and softness, feel comfortable, bright color, environmental protection will not cause harm to the skin, the watchband can be arbitrarily bent deformation and immediately restored, is a more popular promotional gift in recent years.

Silicone watch belongs to the category of silicone gifts in silicone products, the raw material used in the silicone watch is solid silicone, the watch belt is made of mold molding, vulcanization repression, the watch head is generally made of plastic watch head assembly, the watch buckle is generally made of hardware or plastic material.

Silicone watch has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects to the human body and soft, no cracking, long service life, no stimulating skin and other advantages, cheap products, good promotional gifts, is one of the green silicone accessories.

Silicone watch strap is rich in color and skin-friendly. It is the default standard watch band for most smart watches. Wear without feeling, and does not need too much care, and the low price is the first choice of many people.

Silicone tension is mainly used for electronic equipment stretching protection, stretching mitigation function, the product mainly by high tensile rebound silicone rubber production material processing, high hardness, has a good stretching strength control effect, can stretch back and forth for a long time does not affect the service life, can be used in high and low temperature environment, has good soft effect, disassembly convenient practical convenient, fixed effect is good, has good insulation, wear resistance and stretch resilience!

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However, before silicone products without correct treatment and processing, there are certain problems, such as oil resistance, ash, have a taste of silicone and other problems, so you need to pay attention to the following problems before buying:

1.Surface smoothness.Silicone products processed after a strong adsorption, so in the production also exist ash, bad smoothness or inconsistent surface phenomenon, if the smoothness is not good and ash phenomenon, the product has no injection, or silicone strap manufacturers mold work rough, no surface treatment. Usually, the watchband will be sprayed with feel oil to maintain a smooth feel effect.


Our factory also covers a full range of dust-free workshop, to ensure the better quality of products.

2. Stretching Silicon wrist belt on the service life of the product material quality, namely stretch elasticity, if the product is not good resilience and force, then prove that the product in terms of material is just using ordinary material or low quality material, so if buy product in inhuman cases have natural fracture phenomenon, that is the source material problem.

3.Appearance color. Beautiful appearance is the most important, the surface of the product quality effect determines its turn, so no defects natural best, but silicone bracelet are shortcomings, mainly lies in the product mold line and appearance color effect, color basic will not appear color, color and mixed color dark phenomenon, and typing line is inevitable, just thickness is different, the more fine classification line quality effect is higher.

Therefore, there are certain skills and methods for the purchase of silicone smart bracelet. In general, although the majority of silicone smart bracelet, there will be no big problems in the normal use of it, and artificial damage still occupies the majority, so the silicone wrist band should not be used with sharp and fire.

Note for the use of silicone watch strap:

Do not close the watch to the high temperature of the fire source. Although silicone is resistant to high temperature, too high temperature will melt the surface of the strap. Sweat, stains and so on will bring adverse hidden dangers to the silicone table, so it is particularly important to ensure that the watchband is clean. If the watch has dust, encounter water, take a careful dry cotton cloth to wipe it.

When wearing a watch, we should pay attention to that even if the silicone watch has a certain ductility and elasticity, we should be careful and lightness, and there is the possibility of damage.

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