Why are most of the current pacifiers made of silicone?

In the past, latex pacifiers were commonly used, which are cheap, have a short service life, and may produce a rubbery smell during high-temperature sterilization. Now they have been basically replaced by silicone pacifiers. Pacifiers are auxiliary silicone products for feeding newborn babies. Many mothers attach great importance to the choice of pacifiers for the health of their babies. At present, the most common pacifiers on the market are silicone and latex. Which one is safer and healthier? Let’s discuss it below. What is the difference between a silicone pacifier and a latex pacifier.

So what are the reasons why silicone pacifiers are gradually gaining popularity?

  1. Material safety:

The material of the silicone pacifier is made of medical-grade silicone material, which is safe, non-toxic, transparent and tasteless. However, it should be noted that some harmful substances may exceed the standard in uncertified silicone materials, and food-grade liquid silicone materials should be selected.

And latex will become very soft at high temperature, easy to produce peculiar smell, and inferior latex will produce toxins at high temperature. It should be explained here that latex is only toxic in a high temperature environment, so it can be used as a pacifier. is safe.

  1. Durability:

Silicone pacifiers can be repeatedly sterilized in boiling water, so the service life of silicone pacifiers is relatively longer, but it should also be noted that the boiling time should not be too long, otherwise the surface will become more viscous and pores will appear. And accelerate material aging.

Latex pacifiers are not only not aging resistant, but are also weakly resistant to heat and cold changes, so they need to be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  1. Performance:

The latex pacifier has very good elasticity, is easy to return to its original shape, can resist pulling, is extremely elastic, and is not easy to be bitten. Silicone pacifiers are not as elastic as latex pacifiers, and the overall texture is harder. Any damage at any point will tear along the crack.

  1. Appearance color:

Latex pacifiers are usually yellow, while silicone pacifiers are colorless and transparent.

  1. User experience:

Latex is relatively softer, but latex has a natural rubber taste, which makes latex pacifiers not liked by every child.

Silicone pacifiers are not as elastic as latex pacifiers, and the overall texture is harder, but tasteless.

According to the comparison from various angles, the advantages of silicone nipples are great. And everyone will inevitably have some problems during use. Common doubts about silicone pacifier bottles:

(1) Silicone baby bottle nipples will smell after boiling water, is it normal?

The liquid silicone used to make baby bottle nipples is a high-purity, non-toxic material with high temperature resistance (-20 to 450 degrees Celsius). The production process does not add too many auxiliary materials. Even if it is boiled at high temperature, it is generally colorless and tasteless.

If you find a slight smell in the newly purchased baby bottle nipple, it may be due to the strong adsorption of the silica gel material, which is packaged and stored after being processed into a finished product, absorbing some odors in the environment, generally ventilated, and placed for 2-3 days can dissipate.

But if the smell of silicone products is unusually pungent, you need to pay attention. It may be that the manufacturer of silicone products has used non-inferior raw materials or auxiliary materials, and the regular products produced by our company will not have this problem.

(2) What is the bitter taste of the water in the silicone baby bottle?

The liquid silica gel used in silicone baby bottles is a highly active and highly absorbent material, non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and solvents, and the water in silicone baby bottles generally does not have a bitter taste.

If the bottled water has a bitter taste, it may be related to the water quality, and the taste of water with different pH levels is also different.

In addition, you also need to rule out whether the bottle has been filled with other things before, and if it is not cleaned, it will easily have a residual smell.

(3) Why does the rubber bottle have oil?

Silicone baby bottles are oily, mainly because the silicone material is a highly absorbent polymer material. When the baby’s baby bottle is not cleaned in time, the silicone baby bottle will easily absorb the fat in the residual milk. After a long time, it will feel “greasy” sticky

Therefore, if you want not to “grease”, you must clean it in time, dry it and ventilate it in time.

(4) How long does it take to replace the rubber bottle?

Compared with other materials, silicone baby bottles have a longer service life and can be replaced in time regardless of actual usage (such as bottle damage), and it is normal to replace them every 3 to 6 months. , Silicone baby bottle nipple, the material is safe, easy to use, relatively speaking, it is also “durable and drop-resistant”, it is a very good choice!

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