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Silicone Transparent Baby Bottle with Nipple

Name: Silicone baby pacifier / Silicone Baby Products

Services: OEM/ODM, Customizable silicone baby products

Certificate: FDA, LFGB, etc.

Temperature range: -60 to 250°C

Material: 100% food-grade silicone material

Colors and sizes: a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes to choose from

Features: BPA-free, environmentally friendly and reusable, easy to clean, safe for use in the microwave, boiling water, dishwasher, and sterilizer.

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Soft 100% food grade liquid silicone material protects baby feeding and provides comfortable experience. It’s easy for babies to accept. Strictly select high-quality liquid silicone material, with the adventage of BPA-free,high temperature resistance, environmental friendly,healthy and safe.

Xinhongfa silicone products have been appreciated and supported by many customers for nearly 20 years, and all products are made of 100% food-grade and odorless raw materials and high-end machines. We have established a professional and complete manufacturing system, using various types of production equipment, with a number of product inspection procedures, including 4 manual professional inspections, to ensure that there is no flaw in product quality in terms of quality control. At the same time, our factories continue to pass BSCI and ISO certification, and our products have more safety certifications, such as FDA, LFGB, and so on.

In terms of raw materials, we choose the world’s top raw materials, such as Wacker, Shin-Etsu, etc., which have heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, chemical stability, transparency and colorability. Products are in a leading position. During the production process, all workers agree to wear clean clothes, disposable clean shoe covers, clean caps and masks to ensure that the products are kept clean during production and inspection. During the production process of the product, there are Press Cure, Post-Cure, four professional inspections, and the production is completed after strict packaging.


To improve the service experience for our customers, we have created a very user-friendly process where you can fill in the form directly to get a quote.

If you require a customized silicone baby product, please provide the following information to XHF:

  • 3D design drawings/PDF files/samples.
  • If there are no specific parameters and pictures, we will conduct a technical review, mold production plan, and capacity evaluation.
  • After confirmation, the order can be put into mass production.

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